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VidOlink COFDM II - RF Camera Control Option

  • Brand: VidOvation
  • Product Code: VLK-COFDM-II-CC
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Wireless Receiver in RF Spectrum with Built-in Camera Control Option

Our Paint System can fully control the following manufacturer's cameras: Sony, Thomson / Grass Valley, Panasonic, lkegami and Hitachi

Camera Control System offers advanced features in a rugged, easy to use 'plug and play' design. Conceived in close
consultation with experienced operators, many of the short comings present on other systems have been overcome.
The system interfaces with camera manufacturers standard control panels (OCPs), giving the operator complete
familiarity with standard cabled systems and eliminating the need to rig generic OCP's when RF cameras are required.

Available RF spectrum is becoming increasingly congested and expensive. Unlike rival systems which require a single
UHF channel per camera, the system enables control of up to four cameras per channel, minimizing operating costs and
enabling users to control multiple RF cameras at large events. Flexibility is further enhanced by the wide RF bandwidth
of the system, operating in the UHF band 450-474MHz. Therefore, users have access to more available channels without
the need to change radio hardware. The separate RCP Interface and Data Transmitter enable flexible TX antenna placement 
via standard audio cable. The transmitter's frequency and power output are controlled by the RCP Interface.


  • Control user camera functions via standard camera manufacturers OCP
  • Control of up to 4 cameras via single UHF channel
  • External Red and Green Tally outputs (open collect or)
  • RCP emulated CCU with full controt plus 5 scene tiles per camera
  • Wide frequency rang e 450-474MHz via RCP Interface front panel
  • TX power 1 OOmW/200mW/500mW/2W (user select) via RCP Interface front panel



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