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SMPTE-HUT Hybrid Universal Transceiver for extending HD Camera Systems over Standard Singlemode Fiber

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Universal Transceiver for HD Camera Systems over Standard Single Mode Optical Fiber

Latest Camera Transceiver for Video & Fiber Optic Systems


  • Operate cameras on plain singlemode fiber

  • Take advantage of installed fiber backbones
  • Extend distance without sacrificing performance
  • Plug & Play operation
  • Choice of hybrid connectors
  • Can provide power for cameras up to 1km
  • Supports HD cameras from Sony, Ikegami, Hitachi and Grass Valley
  • Carry less hybrid cable
  • Choice of optical connectors
  • Optional optical repeating/remapping
  • Rugged Design
  • SEVEN year warranty


The new SMPTE-HUT system is a universal camera transceiver designed to free cameras from the limitations of hybrid cabling. Not only will you achieve transmission distances that are simply impossible over hybrid copper/fiber cables, you will also benefit from the absence of RF, EMI and grounding issues, faster set and strike times and lighter OB Vans, B-units and cable shipments.

This plug and play system can be used both as a passive, unpowered system where local power must be supplied to the camera head or as a powered system where the camera- end divice actually powers the camera head over up to 1000m of 14mm SMPTE hybrid ca- ble. With either powering scheme, at the CCU end is a small adapter that accepts the hybrid cable from the CCU.

There are two types of powered HUTs, the 3000 and the 3000+. For  most  customers the standard 3000 will do. But for users who have long lenses and other power consuming accessories, the 300+ will provide the extra power. Between the units can be up to 10km of two singlemode fibers either within tactical cables or within an installed fiber backbone.

The system works by “tricking” the CCU into seeing a physical copper connection between it and the camera. And since the system is optically passive, the two fibers can be rout- ed through our FOS-Series Optical Router or CWDM multiplexed with our FiberMux for up to three camera systems on just one fiber.

The SMPTE-HUT system. Extend the range of your HD camera systems, reduce weight and save time and money.


Connectors: 2 ST, LC, or SC &   
These systems are optically “passive” meaning that we are simply passing the optical signals through our system without manipultion
Hybrid Cable Length Supported    
Up to 1km of 14mm Hybrid cable    
Mechanical Dimensions    
HUT-BS 7 x 2 x 2.5 1 lb.
HUT-C 7 x 2 x 2.5 1 lb.
HUT-C-300 5.5 x 9 x 2.5 9 lbs.
HUT-C-300+ 5.5 x 9 x 2.5    15 lbs.  
Electrical (for HUT-C-300)    
Connector: IEC  
Input Voltage:    100-240 VAC Power: <20 watts  
Output Voltage: Variabe (cam dependent)    
Output Load: 160 or 250 VA  
Temperature: 0 to +70C  
Humidy: 0 to 95%RH, non-condensing  

Ordering Information:


Specify ST, SC or LC single fiber connectors and Neutik, Lemo 304M or Fischer hybrid connectors


SMPTE-HUT, CCU Side, Portable, Hybrid cable in, 2 singlemode fibers out


SMPTE-HUT Camera side, Portable, 2 singlemode fibers in - hybrid cable out. Must locally power camera head


SMPTE-HUT Camera side, Portable, 2 singlemode fibers in - hybrid cable out. Provices power to camera and supports up to 1km of 14mm Hybrid cable


SMPTE-HUT Camera side, Portable, 2 singlemode fibers in - hybrid cable out. Provices power to camera and supports up to 1km of 14mm Hybrid cable. For Cameras with longer lenses and/or multiple



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