Bonded Cellular – Bigger is Not Always Better

Bonded Cellular

AVIWEST DMNG PRO180 Election Night 2016

Streamline your Remote News Gathering with AVIWEST Bonded Cellular

We encourage all News Agencies, Sports Leagues, and Live Production companies to take a closer look at the AVIWEST Bonded Cellular solution pictured above on Election Night 2016. Note the simple streamlined camera setup with the AVIWEST DMNG PRO180 mounted between the camera and battery.  The DMNG PRO180 is the only bonded cellular system designed to be light weight and mount on the camera.  The AVIWEST DMNG PRO family is the only Bonded Cellular System approved by Government Agencies to be safe to operate while touching the human body.  Note how the reporter and camera operator are able to mingle in the crowd to get interviews. The DMNG PRO180 is also available with an optional backpack if preferred.

 The AVIWEST DMNG PRO family is the only Bonded Cellular System approved by Government Agencies to be safe to operate while touching the human body.

The AVIWEST DMNG PRO180 was able to transmit up to 10 Mbps with ease. This is achieved in harsh environments such as Times Square on Election Night using 8 internal modems with patented high gain antennas. No external accessories are needed to make it work.

When you need to get your shot you cannot beat the reliability of the AVIWEST DMNG PRO180.

Don’t take our word for it.

Book your demo today and see for yourself why the industry is switching to AVIWEST and VidOvation.

The pictures below speak for themselves.  Which setup do you prefer?


Bonded Cellular

Dejero Setup

Dejero Engo

Dejero Setup

Part of the Dejero SetupBonded Cellular

Election Night 2016 – Times Square New York

Closing Remarks:

The photos above are not staged or manipulated.  I simply observed and took photos of the different workflows of various news agencies on election night 2016 in Times Square using an AVIWEST DMNG PRO180, LiveU LU500 or LU600, TVU ONE and Dejero.  The pictures speak for themselves.  We encourage you to come to your own conclusions after you evaluate an AVIWEST DMNG PRO180 system

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