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AVIWEST to bring New HEVC 4K Encoder to IBC2015

The following is a press release from our friends at AVIWEST. We are AVIWEST’s master distributor in the United States. AVIWEST has steadily paved the way world-wide in 3G/4G Cellular Bonding Technologies. Now they are announching a new product that will deliver 4K content at low bit rates using HEVC.

High Efficiency Video Encoder Enables Broadcasters To Deliver 4K Content at Low Bit Rates Over Unmanaged Networks

High Efficiency Video Encoder Enables Broadcasters To Deliver 4K Content at Low Bit Rates Over Unmanaged Networks

SAINT-GRÉGOIRE, France — September 1, 2015 — AVIWEST, a global provider of video contribution systems, announced today the launch of DMNG HE4000, a new HEVC 4K video encoder designed to optimize the distribution of 4K content over unmanaged networks. Using the high-efficiency video encoder for contribution applications, broadcasters can deliver crystal-clear 4K, HD, or SD video content at low bit rates over IP networks, even in volatile network environments. AVIWEST will demonstrate the DMNG HE4000 at IBC2015, Sept. 11-15, at stand 2.A29 in Amsterdam, and is expected to ship in Q4 2015.

“In order to deliver live video content in the most efficient and affordable way possible, broadcasters need next-generation encoding technologies,” said Philippe Gonon, Advanced R&D manager at AVIWEST. “Our new DMNG HE4000 video encoder supports HEVC compression in addition to a unique combination of contribution protocols, ensuring smooth delivery of live video content over unmanaged networks, while keeping broadcasters’ capital and operational costs low.”

The DMNG HE4000 features a compact design that reduces power costs and space requirements, enabling broadcasters to cost-effectively address the growing consumer demand for superior quality live and on-demand video content.

The 1RU HE4000 encoder features AVIWEST SafeStreams® technology, bonding together IP networks, to assure the delivery of live transmissions even in the midst of unpredictable and unmanaged network conditions, enabling broadcasters to provide seamless news, and sports coverage from any location around the world. The HEVC 4K contribution encoder is fully integrated with the DMNG Manager and DMNG Studio receiver to simplify video monitoring, management, and reception.

The HE4000 is part of AVIWEST’s Digital Mobile News Gathering family, which enables broadcasters to capture and broadcast live 4K, HD, or SD video over multiple networks, including bonded 3G/4G cellular wireless, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite. Offering easy integration into existing workflows and headends, extremely low power consumption, high MTBF, and unparalleled mobility, the DMNG system offers broadcasters a fully integrated and cloud-based solution for breaking news and live events coverage.

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VidTrans15 with VidOvation


If you missed us at VidTrans15, here’s a brief overview of the technologies displayed.

In the shot above, you can see the AVIWest Pro110 mounted to the back of the camera. This cellular video uplink can have up to ten cellular connections, has a built-in WI-Fi modem, and two H.264 video encoders. The potential applications include: Live and Files Forward over Wireless Networks, Cellular Networks, Satellite, LAN/WAN, or live to any CDN (Content Distribution Network).

Also seen in the above picture is the transmitter of the VidOlink Reacher, mounted on the top of the camera. This is our newest wireless broadcast-grade HD SDI and HDMI video system, which has zero latency, no compression, and reaches up to 1000 feet or 300 meters. Notice the size of the transmitter, which weighs in at about half a pound and comes standard with it’s own long-lasting battery packs.

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Simplify Delivery of User-Generated Video Content with AVIWEST Cellular Bonding App


Cellular Bonding – 3G/4G/LTE Video Transmission

SAINT-GRÉGOIRE, France — Feb. 17, 2015 — AVIWEST, a global provider of video contribution systems, today announced that French TV channel TF1 has selected its digital mobile newsgathering (DMNG) solutions to simplify the capture and delivery of user-generated content. Utilizing AVIWEST’s DMNG APP and DMNG Manager, more than 300 journalists working for TF1 or its partners from the regional daily press will be able to use their smartphones or tablet devices to deliver live video transmissions as well as record-breaking news and other important events from the remote French countryside. By bonding together available IP networks, the DMNG APP gives TF1 access to wider bandwidth, thereby guaranteeing high video quality at all times.

“AVIWEST’s DMNG solutions support multiple networks, video resolutions, and devices, allowing us to convert any Android- or iOS-based smartphone or tablet device into a broadcast camera,” said Yves Bouillon, head of technical outside broadcast productions at TF1. “The solution from AVIWEST will be beneficial to our journalists who cover news stories in remote locations. Essentially, the solution will allow TF1 to deliver high-quality video content anytime and from anywhere, transforming our digital mobile newsgathering operations.”

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AVIWEST Cellular Video Experts put Shaanxi TV on the Ancient Silk Route


Cellular Bonding – 3G/4G/LTE Video Transmission

SAINT-GRÉGOIRE, France — Jan. 6, 2015 — AVIWEST, a global provider of video contribution systems, today announced that Shaanxi TV, a Chinese television network based in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, recently deployed the company’s DMNG PRO180 3G/4G video uplink and DMNG Studio receiver solutions for the delivery of live transmissions for its television program “Silk Road.” Utilizing AVIWEST’s digital mobile newsgathering solutions, Shaanxi TV broadcast live HD video content over 3G/4G networks while maintaining superior signal quality, even when the networks were congested. By providing Shaanxi TV with a highly portable, reliable, and flexible video contribution solution, the DMNG PRO180 and DMNG Studio significantly reduced Shaanxi TV’s operating expenses while enabling viewers to explore the ancient trade route in crystal-clear HD quality.

“The ‘Silk Road’ covers a legendary journey of 15,000 km in 60 days through China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkey, Greece, and Italy. In order to capture live footage from different countries with varying network conditions, we required a solution that supports a wide range networks, guaranteeing seamless live coverage of the adventure show.” said Rui Li, team leader of the technical center at Shaanxi TV. “AVIWEST’s DMNG live video hybrid contribution platform made it easy to deliver high-quality, live HD video transmissions from any locale, whether we were in a major city, seaside village, or remote, snow-covered mountains. Thanks to the portable, intuitive design of the DMNG PRO180, we were able to showcase more than 2,000 years of history and culture.”

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Sdi Over Ethernet

SDI Over Ethernet

Serial digital interface, more commonly referred to as SDI, is a type of interface that is used to transmit digital-grade video images. It was originally and most prevalently used by the movie and television industry due to its broadcast-quality image capabilities. However, as the trend toward streaming video and video downloads continues to build steam, there is an increasing demand for businesses and consumers alike to use SDI over Ethernet. While this technology was not available years ago, it is now available. More than that, it is becoming increasingly more common and more affordable to use, and this means that it may now be able to be used by you in your productions. However, there is a need to find the right solutions to use when implementing this technology in your office or other environment. See the Introductory Guide to IPTV and Video Networking.

Different Capabilities and Features to Look For

The capabilities of SDI over Ethernet vary from one provider to another, and you may consider researching the options thoroughly before you decide which option to use for your needs. For example, one option streams data in a bi-directional manner, and it works with SD, SDI, ASI and even HD technology. The speed of the service also can vary, and some capabilities are more suitable for shorter distance transport rather than longer distance transport.

Superior Digital Encoders

In addition to having the network in place to support SDI over Ethernet, there is also a need to invest in digital encoders. There are several encoders available for you to purchase, but superior encoders have dual input capabilities to support two simulcast channels at the same time. They may have lower cost viewer options, high resolution functions and other enhanced features. While there are multiple options available, the quality and cost of the technology is imperative. Through VidOvation, you can most easily find the highest quality encoders to use with SDI over ethernet at the best value available.

 VEN-2200 Encoder

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