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Understanding Video Traffic Interference

Understanding Video Traffic Interference

Here is a great discussion on network traffic and video over IP.

By Phil Hippensteel On November 28, 2012

Dear Professor Phil,
At lunch several of us were discussing our new videoconferencing deployment. A debate developed. Some of the group said UDP traffic such as VoIP would be the most likely to interfere with the videoconferencing traffic because it gets high priority, just like the video. Others argued that traffic from TCP data applications would be more of a problem because of their socalled “bursty” nature. Who is correct? Terrance, Canton, OH


Both will cause problems but for very different reasons. The group arguing that VoIP will cause problems is assuming some things. First, to interfere with the video, the voice traffic must be on the same VLAN as the video traffic. Often it is not. Second, if the VoIP and video traffic are on the same physical LAN and have the same priority settings, the VoIP must be using enough of the bandwidth that it constrains the bandwidth available to the video conferencing devices. With good design, this should never happen. So, to summarize this side of the argument, VoIP can interfere with videoconferencing, but only if the network design is inadequate.
On the other hand, TCP traffic such as database applications and web traffic can have unpredictable effects on video conferencing traffic. The burstiness of TCP applications is virtually uncontrollable. It’s the way that TCP protocol works. So, when TCP traffic and video share a physical network, TCP has a tendency to grab all of the bandwidth it can. In addition, the TCP algorithm groups the packets in blocks of packets that can vary in size which is dependent on network conditions and application design. The resulting bursty nature of the traffic increases variation in delivery relative to time, or jitter. If the jitter becomes excessive, the jitter buffers can’t compensate and packets are dropped. This means that it is important to separate video conferencing traffic from data applications using VLANs or completely separate networks.
In addition to all of these facts, my experience has taught me that the group arguing that TCP traffic is more of a problem is indeed correct.

Phil Hippensteel, Ph.D., has spent more than forty years in higher education and now teaches for Penn State Harrisburg.

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Things to Consider When Building an IP Video Application

Creating Your Content
The core of an IP Video solution is encoding. Encoders come in all shapes and sizes and with varying degrees of reliability, functionality, and scalability. Some encoders are re-purposed computers with capture cards while others are purpose-built network appliances that have serving technology.  Determining the best compression format must also be addressed.  However, your general requirements and budget will likely make the choice for you.

Managing and Securing Your Content

IP Video is a powerful tool, capable of communicating to anyone, anywhere. That doesn’t mean you want your message in the hands of everyone. Being able to manage and secure your IP video solution is crucial to creating an effective viewing experience while protecting your content from prying eyes. Continue reading

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Video IP Routing & Cellular Back-haul: NAB Preview Video 4

Not all wireless routing solution can support the extensive needs of moving video – let VidOvation recommend the best video routing or cellular solution for your application. Check out a couple hot solutions…

Such as the popular MicroNVR which integrates a video recorder and wireless IP router in one compact, lightweight device. This easy to use solution has been proven in combining on-site edge recording with live wireless relay, light pole mounted and solar powered remote video monitoring stations.

For diverse applications the iRecord is a stand-alone network enabled hybrid digital video recorder, which supports both analog and IP cameras. This one-of-a-kind unit converts any analog camera to an intelligent, high resolution, network-enabled surveillance system. The iRecord captures and stores on USB storage media while simultaneously streaming.

Don’t forget to ask us how to cost effectively move away from expensive satellite transmission while utilizing a cellular alternative that offers a reliable broadcast-quality video uplink while enhancing your mobility.

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Stay tuned for more VidOvation informational videos…


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VoLANte DVI-I Transmitters/Encoders with Analog Video support from VidOvation

New Product Announcement – DVI-I Transmitters/Encoders
voLANte transmitters/encoders are now available with integrated support for analog video through a DVI-I connector. Connect VGA or component video sources directly

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VidOvation Virtual Booth Tour and Interview NAB 2011

VidOvation Virtual Booth Tour and Interview NAB 2011.

VidOvation virtual demonstration of some of the most technologically advanced video communications systems at NAB Show.

Experience VidOvation

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