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How Your Business Can Save Money Using Bonded Cellular

Bonded Cellular IBC

Bonded Cellular

Designed for everything from live news-gathering to traffic reporting, bonded cellular can be an incredible technology for your business.

Bonded cellular technology uses multiple cellular modems to transmit video using iptv video networking, avoiding many of the downsides of traditional cellular links. If your business depends on fast, efficient and stable live video, it can be a powerful tool that reduce transmission problems and save money.

Here’s how bonded cellular works. Instead of transmitting video over a single cellular link, which can result in everything from pix-elation to lost video and audio, bonded cellular involves the use of multiple cellular modems, each of which transmits live video footage.

Cellular Wireless Video Transmitter

By using multiple cellular modems, each of which delivers packets of a compressed video feed, bonded cellular avoids the biggest problem of conventional cellular links: a single point of failure for the entire feed.

With more bandwidth available and no single point of failure, bonded cellular can increase your live video’s reliability, all while avoiding many of the most common issues that can occur during live video transmission.

One aspect of bonded cellular that’s less obvious is its ability to help your business reduce costs in both the short and long term.

Most businesses view bonded cellular as a technology that can improve wireless video transmission and reduce the risk of transmission issues. But when used right, it can be a powerful tool that’s ideal for helping your business save money. Download the Bonded Cellular Guide.

According to an article in TV Technology, one of the biggest advantages news crews report from switching to bonded cellular is the low-cost reach it provides.

Arnie Loleng, operations manager for Ohlone TV, explained that bonded cellular technology lets the community college, which operates on a limited budget, “provide students with invaluable training” in live broadcasting.

Bonded Cellular for Live News, Sports, Live Reality TV & Contribution

Compared to many other broadcasting options, bonded cellular is highly affordable. Neal Boling, station manager of KHQ-TV, says that bonded cellular has “allowed us to economically expand our Montana stations’ coverage to encompass the entire state, rather than being limited to a few larger urban areas.”

There’s also another advantage to bonded cellular — one that indirectly contributed to its great level of affordability. Compared to many other transmission options, bonded cellular technology is extremely easy to use.

One of the most common phrases used to describe bonded cellular is “plug and play” — a major advantage in industries where complex satellite technology, which requires service vehicles and expert staff, was once the standard.

By reducing the need for advanced training and expert staff, bonded cellular allows businesses to run their live video operations at a lower cost. It’s also given small businesses that previously couldn’t compete in live video a chance to affordably transmit their content.

América TeVé, a small channel based in South Florida, is one of many examples featured in the TV Technology piece of small businesses using bonded cellular technology to compete with and broadcast alongside its larger live video competitors.

If your business depends on live video, bonded cellular technology can play a major role not just in improving reliability and helping you avoid the most common transmission issues, but also in helping you reduce your costs.

For small and mid-sized businesses that want to begin using live video or expand their amount of live video coverage, this is a major benefit. Instead of relying on expensive and complicated satellite technology, businesses can communicate live, on location, far more easily.

Is your business interested in bonded cellular technology? Our large range of AVIWEST bonded cellular equipment includes everything you needs to start using bonded cellular technology for a smoother, smarter and more cost effective live video solution.

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“Live PD” Producers Rely on VidOvation AVIWEST DMNG PRO180 Bonded Cellular Transmitters

Systems Enable Reliable, Low-Latency, Synchronous Video and Audio Transmission on Multicamera and Multilocation Live Police Docuseries

live broadcast live pd

VidOvation Live PD Control Room

IRVINE, Calif. March 27, 2017 — VidOvation today announced that Big Fish Entertainment, the creator and production company behind groundbreaking A&E docuseries “Live PD,” is using VidOvation’s AVIWEST DMNG PRO180 bonded cellular systems on the multicamera, multilocation production for reliable, synchronous, and low-latency transmission of broadcast-quality video and audio.

“‘Live PD’ is the first show of its kind to capture and stream live video of police officers on patrol and, to our knowledge, the first primetime entertainment television program to push the capabilities of bonded cellular technology well beyond that of a typical stationary news report. Every episode represents a phenomenal technical achievement, the perfect blend of technology and editorial content to deliver a transparency in police work never seen before on television,” said Dan Cesareo, founder and president of Big Fish Entertainment. “AVIWEST was the only bonded cellular solution we tested that could help us accomplish our creative goals for the show. The VidOvation-AVIWEST team really went the extra mile to help meet our technical requirements and make ‘Live PD’ a resounding success.”


Each “Live PD” episode offers viewers a live, unfiltered look inside some of America’s busiest police departments and the communities they patrol. One of the biggest production hurdles was capturing high-quality live HD video from multiple cameras and streaming it to air in real time. On a typical Friday night, “Live PD” covers officers on patrol in six cities, with as many as 40 live video feeds coming into a New York-based control room at A&E headquarters. With such a large quantity of feeds, traditional satellite or microwave links would not only be cost-prohibitive, but would not provide the necessary mobility and flexibility. The solution was bonded cellular technology, which bonds any available combination of network interfaces including local cellular and Wi-Fi networks, Ethernet, and satellite for high-quality and reliable video transmission links.

The “Live PD” crew uses 41 AVIWEST DMNG PRO180-RA bonded cellular transmitters, including one for each of two HD cameras in every patrol car and two additional camera operators as well as an overhead drone to cover the action outside the vehicle. Additionally, the team has installed four AVIWEST QUAD external antenna units to each patrol car for even faster network acquisition and greater signal resilience. Throughout the three-hour show, the DMNG PROs feed up to four video channels and eight audio channels of live, high-quality video back to the control room in New York from every patrol car in all six cities. In the control room, an AVIWEST DMNG StreamHub receiver, decoder, and distribution platform receives the live video feeds and delivers them to air for the live broadcast.

“We tested several bonded cellular systems, but none of them could handle the multicamera and multilocation format of the show — except one,” said Larry Barbatsoulis, the show’s technical supervisor. “The AVIWEST DMNG system proved its ability to transmit video and audio from up to five cameras in close proximity and with perfect lip sync and video synchronization between all cameras.”

# # #

 About Big Fish Entertainment

Big Fish Entertainment is a full service production company that creates multi-platform, visually driven content that compels and entertains audiences with the “unexpected.” Founded in 2006 by President Dan Cesareo, Big Fish has since produced hundreds of hours of award-winning and top-rated programming in the unscripted reality, lifestyle and documentary space. Current Big Fish series include groundbreaking docu-series Live PD for A&E, offering viewers unfiltered live access inside policing in America; mega-hit franchise Black Ink Crew with editions in New York and Chicago for VH1; Tattoo Girls for TLC and recent premiere Hustle & Soul for WE tv. With other breakthrough credits including Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan and the Gates Foundation Reality PD public schools project, Big Fish captures and relates extraordinary worlds, characters and stories for such networks as Discovery, VH1, A&E, TLC, MTV, WE tv, E!, National Geographic, Oxygen, Planet Green, Travel Channel, Spike, Smithsonian Channel and G4. For more information, visit

About VidOvation

VidOvation — Moving Video Forward — is a leading manufacturer of video, audio, and data communications systems for the broadcast television and sports, corporate AV, and government markets, offering 50 years of combined experience. Encompassing wireless video, bonded cellular, video streaming, video networking, IPTV, and fiber optic communications systems, VidOvation solutions improve video transmissions by removing the frustrations of dropouts, latency, interference, noise, and security issues. VidOvation excels in helping its clients integrate custom solutions into existing infrastructure, with the ability to meet almost any application or budget. The company applies proven expertise on the complete project lifecycle — from project consulting and management, to engineering and design, to warranty and support. Learn more at or call +1 949-777-5435.

All trademarks appearing in this document are property of their respective owners.

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Photo Credit: Scott Gries / A&E Network

Agency Contact:

Chris Lesieutre

Wall Street Communications

Tel: +1 503-610-0842



VidOvation Contact:

Jim Jachetta

Exec. V.P. and CTO

Tel: +1 949-777-5435


Follow VidOvation:




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VidOvation Puts the ‘Live’ in ‘Live PD’

VidOvation Provides AVIWEST Bonded Cellular for First Live Reality Cop Show

Bonded Cellular Live Production

Bonded Cellular Equipment Guide Feb 2017 TV Technology Magazine

NEW YORK—Premiering last October on A&E, “Live PD” offers viewers a live, unfettered and unfiltered look inside America’s busiest police departments and the communities they patrol. “Live PD” is the first show of its kind to capture and stream live video of police officers on patrol, using bonded cellular technology with dash cams as well as fixed-rig and handheld cameras. As the creators and the production company behind “Live PD,” we at Big Fish Entertainment faced challenges in developing the show. One of the biggest hurdles—the whole premise of “Live PD”—was the ability to capture high-quality live HD video from multiple cameras and stream it in real time to air.

VidOvation provides Bonded Cellular for First Live Reality Cop Show

VidOvation provides Bonded Cellular for First Live Reality Cop Show


On a typical episode, “Live PD” covers officers in six cities, with as many 40 live video feeds coming into a New York-based control room at A&E headquarters. With this large quantity of feeds, traditional satellite or microwave links were not only cost-prohibitive, but did not give us the mobility and flexibility needed to execute the show’s vision.

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WPSD Local 6 Supercharges Newsgathering with AVIWEST Bonded Cellular

WPSD Deploys AVIWEST Bonded Cellular System with DMNG PRO180 and DMNG APP for iOS and Android

When WPSD Local 6 needed to expand its field newsgathering capabilities, it turned to

Bonded Cellular

ENG using Bonded Cellular

VidOvation’s AVIWEST DMNG PRO 180 3G/4G bonded cellular video transmission system. An ultra-compact and highly portable camera-mounted device, the DMNG PRO enables WPSD news teams to transmit live, high-quality video from the source of breaking news and other live events without having to deploy bulky and costly microwave equipment. In addition, WPSD has deployed the AVIWEST DMNG APP iOS to news team members, enabling them to use their iOS®-based smartphones to transmit video content instantly from the phone’s front or rear camera.

Covering More With Less

As the NBC affiliate station based in Paducah, Kentucky, WPSD serves a broad viewing area that includes portions of Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee as well as western Kentucky.

“Like any family-owned, medium-sized TV station, we have to be budget-conscious,” notes Mike Spissinger, WPSD’s Chief Photographer. “That means our news staff sometimes has to travel long distances to reach breaking news stories.”
WPSD had traditionally relied on microwave transmitters for live shots from remote locations, an approach that wasn’t always practical or feasible. “We recently experienced a technical glitch with our microwave receiver that brings in the live shots from Southern Illinois,” Spissinger explains. “We are at the mercy of scheduling tower climbers to fix problems like this, but that’s not an easy or quick task — especially in the winter months.”

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Why switch your Bonded Cellular?

Europe’s #1 Bonded Cellular Brand with Dual Encoders, DVB/ASI Output, Redundant Transmission Paths, Working IFB and more..

AVIWEST Bonded Cellular

What makes AVIWEST Different?

The AVIWEST solution will end your frustrations with bonded cellular by providing additional features to help mitigate problems and limitations like poor picture quality, latency, dropouts, lack of redundancy, no DVB/ASI output, no IP outputs, no working IFB and more.. 

Click to Book your Demo today!

Key Features:

  • Ideal for Newsgathering, Sports, Live Events, Contribution and more…
  • Industry’s most adaptive encoder – bit rates from 100K to 15Mbps
  • Best Picture Quality – Head-to-Head comparison using Sarnoff SRI Visualizer™ Digital Video Test Pattern
  • Dual Hardware Encoders for 2 independent transmission paths
    • Variable Bitrate VBR for Bonded Cellular Transmission
    • High-Quality 4:2:2 Constant Bitrate CBR 
      • High-Quality On-camera recording for Store and Forward
      • Second transmission path via Microwave, Satellite, Telecom, LAN and WIFI
      • DVB ASI Output
  • Records Fragmented MPEG 4 files for faster ingest and editing 
  • Receive, Decode and Play Out Live Streams from multiple DMNG PRO field units and Any Standard IP Streaming Encoders in the field
  • Share & distribute content over public networks using standard streaming protocols & AVIWEST SAFESTREAMS
    • Up to 16 IP inputs
    • Up to 32 IP outputs
    • Up to 4 SDI outputs
    • Supported streaming protocols (INPUT & OUTPUT)
      • RTMP
      • RTSP
      • HLS
      • TS/IP
  • European Safety Standards for Global Deployment
  • Functional IFB Intercom with optional XLR Interface
  • Fully Upgradable Online – ROI 5-7 Years
  • Extended Temperature range; -10°C to 50°C
  • Support available 24/7/365
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