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A Guide to IPTV for Churches and Houses of Worship

For churches and houses of worship, IPTV can be a great way to expand your reach and deliver your message to people using a convenient platform.

Designed to help broadcasters deliver their content online, IPTV uses the internet to broadcast video. Just like a traditional television channel, viewers can tune in to watch your content using their computer, smart TV or mobile device.

Where IPTV differs is in its convenience, cost, and scalability. Since viewers can watch from their tablet or mobile device, consuming your content is easier and more convenient than ever, with a large range of remote viewing possibilities.

IPTV is also massively scalable. Since your content is broadcast over the internet instead of via traditional television infrastructure, you can reach a huge number of people at a small fraction of the usual cost.

These advantages make IPTV a great option for churches and houses of worship that want to reach more people at an affordable, manageable cost.

If you’re interested in using IPTV for your church or house of worship, you can read more about our range of IPTV equipment and services. Below, we’ve also listed some of the key advantages of IPTV for churches to help you make an informed, effective decision.

Increase your reach beyond your community

One of the biggest benefits of IPTV for churches and other houses of worship is that it lets you expand your reach far beyond your local community. Instead of having to visit your church for a service, people can tune in from any location to listen to your message and take part.

Because IPTV technology uses the internet to broadcast your service, people from any location can tune in online. There’s no geographical limit on your message — instead, you can reach an audience in any country and time zone.

For small churches, this is a great way to expand your audience without having to expand your premises. If your church is often over-crowded, IPTV can be a way to offer a more comfortable method of attending service for your followers.

The larger your reach, the more powerful your impact. With IPTV technology, you can expand your audience beyond the physical confines of your building, letting you reach more people in your local area and around the world.

Broadcast your message at an affordable cost

Traditionally, broadcasting your religious content was an expensive process. Most broadcasters used either local or national television services, both of which require a significant investment in equipment, infrastructure, and staff.

Because IPTV operates over the internet and uses scalable digital infrastructure, it costs far less to reach a large audience using IPTV technology than it does to operate a typical TV channel for your house of worship.

IPTV equipment also costs far less than traditional TV broadcasting equipment. In fact, many of the world’s top IPTV broadcasters transmit their content at an extremely low cost — a fraction of the amount spent on traditional television.

Create an archive of your services

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of using IPTV technology to broadcast your services is that you can create a complete, lasting archive of your services as you conduct them.

Because IPTV download content is always available, viewers can tune into your services at any time in any location. After you stream your content, you can make it available online for users to watch at any time in the future.

This makes it easy for new followers to familiarize themselves with your services. It also means that your long-time followers can tune into services they previously attended online to listen to your message again or catch up on things they missed in person.

Get started with IPTV

We specialize in IPTV and have helped a large range of houses of worship use IPTV to reach a larger audience and provide a wider variety of service options to their followers.

Are you interested in using IPTV for your church or house of worship? Let us know your needs and our expert staff can help you learn more about how you can use IPTV to expand your reach and deliver better service to your followers.

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Video Communications Company VidOvation – DP Buzz Interview

VidOvation is a Video Communications Company

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Video Communications

Jim Jachetta

Larry Jordan: Jim Jachetta is the Founder and President of VidOvation. For over 20 years, Jim’s been designing, integrating and delivering video, fiber optic and data communications systems and recently they’ve expanded into wireless video with some new technology being used by the NHL. Hello, Jim, welcome.

Jim Jachetta: Hi, thanks for having me. Pleasure to be here.
Larry Jordan: We are delighted to have you with us and let’s start with a really easy question. First, tell us about what VidOvation is.
Jim Jachetta: VidOvation is a video communications company. We manufacture solutions for wireless, solutions for fiber optic transmission, for webcasting, we make encoders to stream video over your corporate network or through the internet, but in a nutshell we help our clients move video from Point A to Point B and our tagline is ‘Moving video forward’, so we’re staying up to date with the latest technologies such as what we did for the National Hockey League, using 60 gigahertz transmission for uncompressed wireless video.
Larry Jordan: Let’s just take a second. We understand that you guys are in the business of moving video, but you’re one of the founders of the company. Why did you decide to start the company? What made that so intriguing to you?
Jim Jachetta: Well, I guess I have my dad to blame for that. My dad had an entrepreneurial spirit. My dad was an engineer at ABC, CBS and his longest and final stint was at NBC, so he worked at 30 Rock for about 12 years before starting a company called MultiDyne and, as kids, my brother and I, we always worked for our dad so junior high we helped stuff circuit boards and build a lot of his audio visual equipment, so it’s in our DNA and my dad was a great problem solver and my brother and I have inherited that work ethic of doing the never been done before and solving our clients’ problems or helping with their business workflow.

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Online video, Internet TV market to reach $35 billion by 2018 | The Convergence | On Media & Technology

Here is the future business model for Television. Online video, Internet TV market to reach $35 billion by 2018.IPTV $35 Billion

Online video delivered over fixed broadband networks is poised “on the brink of a huge take-off” that will see revenues increase to nearly $35 billion globally by 2018, an increase of nearly 120% from 2013, new research says.

The increase is being driven by growing broadband penetration, new technology and the expectation that services like Netflix and Hulu Plus will accelerate their international expansion, said the report, “Online TV and Video Forecasts,” from Digital TV Research.

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Online video, Internet TV market to reach $35 billion by 2018 | The Convergence | On Media & Technology.

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Is webcasting still the future?

Broadcasting live video to the internet, or webcasting, is already a powerful tool for houses of worship, but what will it mean in the future?


WEBCASTING HAS COME A LONG way since its advent in the mid 1990s. Back then it was Apple who pioneered the technology, first broadcasting concerts online in 1995 and 1996, swiftly followed by the Grammy Awards. By August 1998 a wedding was broadcast over the internet for the first time and then the world slowly woke up to the potential of delivering video content via the world wide web. In the years since it has become a cornerstone of content delivery for everyone from major broadcasters to houses of worship seeking to spread the word far beyond the walls of a sanctuary.

But in that time the technology required to make webcasting a reality has developed enormously, dropping in price and becoming increasingly simple to use. Meanwhile, the way congregants watch content has changed. Once the only way to watch a webcast was on a desktop computer, now people can view vastly improved content on a smartphone or a tablet – a technology pioneered, ironically, by Apple.

So is webcasting still the future or has it become the present? The answer, it seems, is that its time has very much arrived.

Webcasting live to the web has never been easier than today,’ says Jim Jachetta, CEO of US-based video specialist VidOvation. ‘A few years ago expensive equipment from multiple vendors was required. Today highly cost effective appliances are available in a PC or Notebook platforms. That’s how VidOstream webcasting works Integrate a video production switcher, video effects, Chroma-key, virtual studio and software encoders for high definition Flash, Windows Media and MPEG4 (H.264). An example is the VidOstream family of webcasting appliances.’…

Streaming Webcasting VidOstream VidOvation


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Learn Live Video Streaming & Webcasting with Multiple Cameras

Are you interested in Live Webcasting with Multiple Camera and want to learn more from multi-camera video streaming webcastingVidOvation, one of the leading vendors in this space?

Do you want to learn how to prevent costly mistakes in designing and implementing a Webcasting system?

Do you want to know how VidOvation can design you a broadcast quality Webcasting and Multi-camera Production Switcher System at 1/3 the cost of competing systems?

If so, please register below.

Learn more about:

  • How to do a Broadcast Quality Webcast
  • Let’s Start with the Cameras
  • Switchers for Multi-Camera Webcasts
  • Audio Sources for the Webcast
  • Getting the Stream(s) on the Web
  • Steam Live Video via LAN, WIFI, Satellite and Bonded Cellular
  • Hosting the Live Streams
  • Multiple Live Camera Sources
  • Archiving Content
  • Adding Slides and Graphics to my Webcast

Please click to register to Download your FREE guide, Live Webcasting & Video Streaming Made Easy with VidOstream Family. 


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