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We understand your pain.  You’re one of the unsung heroes who slings and removes cable every day to meet the on-time demands of a multi-camera shoot, sports telecast, live event, or just a systems integrator trying to eliminate the clutter, traffic damage and performance losses due to bulky cable.

What if we told you that we can eliminate all your cabling problems with just one easy solution? What’s more, we’re so confident that our solution will save you money and headaches within the first few projects that we’re willing to provide a 14 day SATISFACTION GUARANTEE?

VidOvation’s extremely affordable VidOlink 5G family of HD SDI and HDMI wireless video links instantly eliminates clutter, performance losses and traffic damage due to long cable runs. What’s more impressive is that we’re able to offer wireless links starting at $3K. 

Call 949-777-5435 today to learn more about the VidOlink 14 day SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.  

 Wireless HD SDI  Wireless HD SDI

 VidOlink 5G Low Cost HD SDI & HDMI Wireless Link with V-Lock Mount 

Wireless HD SDI

Optional Antennas for up to 500 meters or 1600 feet Transmission

Keeping with our commitment to providing the best future-proof technology, quality and value – our latest VidOlink line achieves outstanding performance and quality at price points that are well below the competition.

One of our best sellers is the VLK-5G-SDI-HDMI which wirelessly transmits an HD-SDI or HDMI video signal up to 100 meters (330 feet) with state-of-the-art H.264 compression and can reach up to 500 meters (1650 feet) with our optional VLK-5G-20dB high gain antennas. Even better, one transmitter can connect to up to 3 receivers simultaneously and the system is powered via included external power supplies or your V-Lock battery. The VidOlink 5G is also available with support for Anton Bauer camera and battery mounts.

It’s worth a few minutes of your time to call me to help get rid of your cabling problems. We guarantee that your company, boss or client will be grateful. If you want to learn more about VidOvation and how we can help with your video and data communications needs while avoiding costly mistakes – just call at 949-777-5435 x 1002. We’re here to help!

About Jim Jachetta

Jim Jachetta, EVP & CTO of VidOvation Corporation, has over 25 years of experience in designing, integrating and delivering video audio and data communications systems over wireless, IP networks and fiber optics. Jim drives VidOvation to create solutions using world class technology to make the “impossible” and “never been done before” a cost effective, everyday solution aligned with your business goals – modern technology, creatively implemented to meet your business needs, easy to support, and delivered at a price point that leads the industry.

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