Raising the Bar in Goal-line Technology – CNBC Interview

As a solutions provider, we work with a multitude of industries. The sports industry only represents a small portion of the fields we serve. It just so happens that the sports industry has really reached out to us lately. They’re telling us of their fans disappointment in poor calls┬áreliant on out-dated replay technology.

Sports are a tremendous piece of our culture and we get riled up over bad calls, especially in championship-type games. With VidOvation on the fore-front of goal-line technology, this issue may soon subside. This CNBC interview features controversy over recent calls in professional sports. The interview wraps up with Jim’s brief explanation of how the VidOvation In-Net GoalCam’s are renovating the goal verification and replay systems for the NHL.

goal-line technology






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Troy runs the marketing operations at VidOvation. He guides the marketing team towards educating clients in a complex industry.

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