microNVR HauteSHOT Micro Portable Wireless Network Video Recorder by VidOvation

The HauteSHOT microNVR is a video recorder and a wireless IP router combined in one compact, ligh weight device. It functions as: a wireless AP for 802.11b/g/n; a video push/pull server; a WEb Cam server; a system health monitor; and is a fully funtioning computer running an embedded OS. It supports mega-pixel IP or USB attached cameras. It also suports 3G (EVDO, HSPA, EDGE) and 4G (WiMAX and LTE) with optional USB modems.

microNVR HauteSHOT Micro Portable Wireless Network Video Recorder

microNVR HauteSHOT Micro Portable Wireless Network Video Recorder

It’s micro. It’s an NVR. It’s a wireless IP router.

Multifunction: You asked for it. Now you have it!

The microNVR is ideal for many applications combining on-site edge recording with live wireless relay such as in-vehicle video monitoring, light pole mounted video monitoring, solar powered remote video monitoring stations, camera back video recording and relay, and even as a pocket arried video recorder. The microNVR is a flexible platform for wireless video surveillance. The embedded operating system lets ou add your own applictions so you can build the system you need.

About Jim Jachetta

Jim Jachetta, EVP & CTO of VidOvation Corporation, has over 25 years of experience in designing, integrating and delivering video audio and data communications systems over wireless, IP networks and fiber optics. Jim drives VidOvation to create solutions using world class technology to make the “impossible” and “never been done before” a cost effective, everyday solution aligned with your business goals – modern technology, creatively implemented to meet your business needs, easy to support, and delivered at a price point that leads the industry.

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