Stagebox – Cut Your Mobile Production Costs using IP Connectivity

You will learn the underlying technologies that are used in IP productions using StageboxMobile Production Truck

The meticulous research of the BBC’s R&D department has resulted in the development of the Stagebox IP Camera-Back. This technology can:

  • Grab and sync all your feeds plus camera control and distribute them over IP to your
    Stagebox-with-optional-Synchrounous-Switch-with-GPS-Clock-FINAL smallcentralized post-production location
  • Eliminate or reduce the size of your mobile production trucks and on-site costs
  • Provide an alternative to fiber optics and wireless by using IP connections for live productions
  • Edit on the fly with minimal ingest

Click here to download:   Making Live Productions Using IP Networks

Stagebox uses AVC-I 100 for higher quality for a given bitrate over alternatives such as JPEG-2000 and imports easily into existing editing systems. The Stagebox unit includes all the conversions necessary between industry standard video, audio, time code, sync and control signals and standard packet- based IP networks, providing full studio camera connectivity through a single Cat5e/6 cable. This has the potential to revolutionize studio and outside broadcast production methods by substituting low-cost network equipment for the dedicated infrastructure of the professional television studio or outside broadcast environment.

About Jim Jachetta

Jim Jachetta, EVP & CTO of VidOvation Corporation, has over 25 years of experience in designing, integrating and delivering video audio and data communications systems over wireless, IP networks and fiber optics. Jim drives VidOvation to create solutions using world class technology to make the “impossible” and “never been done before” a cost effective, everyday solution aligned with your business goals – modern technology, creatively implemented to meet your business needs, easy to support, and delivered at a price point that leads the industry.

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