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Digital Rights Management for Enterprise IPTV with DirecTV, Dish Network & Cable

Pro:Idiom & Verimatrix Digital Rights Management for IPTV with DirecTV, Dish Network & Cable

Why do I need Digital Rights Management or DRM?

The major studios, DirecTV, DISH Network and other television and media distribution providers all require some form of Digital Rights Management or DRM.

You can not legally distribute, store or record any media or television content without a Studio approved DRM system.

As we understand it, the Digital Rights Management (DRM) rules agreed upon by DirecTV, Dish Networks, and the Studios are going to be more strictly enforced now that AT&T and DirecTV have merged. DRM encrypts the video streams when we distribute video over an IP network. This prevents high definition or HD content from theft or piracy. How are you addressing the new DRM requirements?

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Studio Approved DRM Legally Required

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