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UK’s Lords calls for IPTV

The House of Lords, the UK’s second legislative chamber, has called for a wholesale switch from digital terrestrial to IPTV.

Original Story from Broadcast Engineering – http://broadcastengineering.com/news/uk-s-lords-calls-iptv

Aug. 13, 2012 11:19am

UK House of Lords Proposes IPTV

UK House of Lords Proposes IPTV

Philip Hunter

The UK’s House of Lords has put its weight behind a wholesale switch from digital terrestrial to broadband for public service broadcast delivery, even though this might in the short term threaten universal access provision.

The House of Lords is the UK’s second legislative chamber whose main function is to revise primary legislation emerging from the House of Commons comprising elected members of parliament (MPs). The House of Lords’ Communications committee has now proposed that broadcasting be moved away from terrestrial delivery towards IPTV and OTT over the Internet as the primary means of distribution. This recommendation is made in the report “Broadband for all,” which sets out an alternative vision to that of the government. The government wants to retain digital terrestrial as the base medium for delivery of services from the country’s Free To Air broadcasters including the BBC and ITV.

Part of this government strategy is to roll out superfast broadband across the country to provide the basis for future multichannel HD services. But surprisingly, the House of Lords questions this, suggesting the nation’s interests might be better served by first ensuring universal access. The problem with this is that such universal access would be at speeds of 2Mb/s at best given current technology, without substantial fiber deployment in remote areas at great cost.

Therefore, the country will probably be better served for universal access in the short term by continuing with digital terrestrial, and in the long term by pursuing superfast broadband. Because of this, the House of Lords report seems to fall between two stools.

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Visionary Solutions Details its IPTV Encoders

VidOvation is an authorized Value-added reseller for Visionary Solutions Inc.   VSI provides encoding products for edge acquisition and distribution applications using IP technology. Anywhere that content originates — and anywhere content goes — Visionary Solutions is there to help you leverage the convenience and flexibility of IP whether for acquisition, backhaul, or distribution.

Our solutions are deployed worldwide powering all types of applications:

  • Enterprise and Institutional Pro A/V
  • Broadcast TV
  • High-end Video Surveillance
  • Government and Military
  • Digital Signage

…and many more. Continue reading

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Video Over IP Solutions – NAB Preview Video 3

Let VidOvation show you the cost benefits of implementing video over IP, which is the next generation of communication.  These systems include encoding, decoding and webcasting solutions:

Check out the latest from Visionary Solution’s diverse line of compact encoding solutions.  These solutions have been deployed worldwide powering enterprise and institutional pro A/V, broadcast TV, high-end video surveillance, government, military and digital signage.

For complex applications the ImmediaTV (formerly Magenta Video Networks) line capitalizes on the expansibility of the openGear platform with its extensive line of real-time encoding and decoding solutions.  The future-proof design fits perfectly in the most demanding requirements of contribution and distribution, IPTV, Telco and cable markets. ..

To webcasting solutions such as the Minicaster or VidBlaster.  No matter what your webcasting needs are these two solutions employ the technology to efficiently and effective broadcast over the internet to a diverse range of audiences.

Call today or stop by our NAB booth # SU11012 to experience the VidOvation difference.  Register for a FREE Exhibits Only Pass with VIP Code LV2863.

Stay tuned for more VidOvation informational videos…

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Forward-thinking PEG station turns to IPTV IP based video system

In a year when many Public / Education /Government stations face budget cuts, the PEG station in Andover, Massachusetts has been able to expand and modernize its facilities.

Reorganized as a not for profit corporation in January, 2008, AndoverTV is upgrading its studio facilities and recently completed a switch to an IPTV IP-based production network. The system, which the station uses to transport programming from remote locations across the town, uses Andover

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