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IPTV and the Spanning Tree Process

By Phil Hippensteel

IPTVDear Professor Phil,

We’re using IPTV at our school and have discovered a situation that we don’t understand. The video is delivered over a group of Ethernet switches. When we investigate the individual links, we find some links carry large amounts of traffic, while others transport no traffic at all. Can you offer a possible explanation?
Barry, Alexandria, VA


A very likely explanation is that the switches have a loop circuit within them and the spanning tree process has automatically disabled a link. That’s not bad. In fact, it is a very necessary requirement.

IPTVThe spanning tree algorithm is used with Ethernet switches to routinely remove loop circuits. If these loops weren’t removed, a single IP packet carrying video could loop endlessly while consuming valuable bandwidth. To understand essentially how spanning tree works, look at the diagram of a hypothetical network of switches. The simple hexagon with a diagonal has three loops in it: A-D-E-F-A, A-D-C-B-A, and A-B-C-D-E-F-A.

The spanning tree algorithm picks a switch, say B, to be the root of a tree that will be formed. A series of spanning tree messages is sent over the links starting from the root switch, B. These messages allow the switches to discover that a loop exists. For example, in our drawing, switch E received messages from both F and D. Therefore, E disables the link to one of them, say the one to D. In the same manner, C chooses to disable its link to D. After these two operations, the loops are eliminated and the entire structure forms a tree. Now every switch is connected to every other switch through exactly one path. Occasionally, technicians disable the spanning tree operation to reduce traffic, but that is almost always a bad idea.

Phil Hippensteel, Ph.D., has spent more than forty years in higher education and now teaches at Penn State Harrisburg.

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Visionary Solutions Details its IPTV Encoders

VidOvation is an authorized Value-added reseller for Visionary Solutions Inc.   VSI provides encoding products for edge acquisition and distribution applications using IP technology. Anywhere that content originates — and anywhere content goes — Visionary Solutions is there to help you leverage the convenience and flexibility of IP whether for acquisition, backhaul, or distribution.

Our solutions are deployed worldwide powering all types of applications:

  • Enterprise and Institutional Pro A/V
  • Broadcast TV
  • High-end Video Surveillance
  • Government and Military
  • Digital Signage

…and many more. Continue reading

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Video Over IP Solutions – NAB Preview Video 3

Let VidOvation show you the cost benefits of implementing video over IP, which is the next generation of communication.  These systems include encoding, decoding and webcasting solutions:

Check out the latest from Visionary Solution’s diverse line of compact encoding solutions.  These solutions have been deployed worldwide powering enterprise and institutional pro A/V, broadcast TV, high-end video surveillance, government, military and digital signage.

For complex applications the ImmediaTV (formerly Magenta Video Networks) line capitalizes on the expansibility of the openGear platform with its extensive line of real-time encoding and decoding solutions.  The future-proof design fits perfectly in the most demanding requirements of contribution and distribution, IPTV, Telco and cable markets. ..

To webcasting solutions such as the Minicaster or VidBlaster.  No matter what your webcasting needs are these two solutions employ the technology to efficiently and effective broadcast over the internet to a diverse range of audiences.

Call today or stop by our NAB booth # SU11012 to experience the VidOvation difference.  Register for a FREE Exhibits Only Pass with VIP Code LV2863.

Stay tuned for more VidOvation informational videos…

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VidOvation at the 2011 Content & Communication Show

2011 Content & Communication World Preview

Booth 952
Free Exhibit Pass; VIP code CCY79

65 Enterprise
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

VidOvation Contact:

Nicole Hollinger
Tel: +1 949.777.5435 X1002

VidOvation at the 2011 Content & Communication Show:

VidOvation has decades of experience in video communications systems, video over IP, HD World 2011, 3D World 2011, Content & Communications World 2011IPTV, MPEG-4, H.264, JPEG2000, DIRAC, SMPTE VC-2, wireless video WIFI, 5.8GHz, 60GHz RF, Video over CAT5 CAT6 UTP, Extenders, Splitters, Converters, Routing Switchers, Production, Distribution, Video Streaming, Webcasting, Digital Asset Management and Storage. At the 2011 Content & Communication Show, VidOvation will demonstrate an array of its award-winning solutions; each designed with customer requirements in mind and built to the demanding specifications of today’s media operations.

VidLink 1.5G

Implemented recently by the NHL to aid and support officiating and instant replay needs to ensure accurate calls at every venue in the league. The VidLink wireless video transport system withstands the hardest hits and specification needs of the NHL. This one-of-kind system utilizes 60 GHz wireless HD-SDI RF technology.


The Meridian wireless microwave broadcast system is designed for extremely high quality, zero delay, wireless, RF camera links. This unique system offers short range transmissions as an affordable alternative to traditional COFDM systems. Using license exempt channels while offering secure encrypted transmissions makes Meridian a solid solution in a variety of applications including large screen presentations, award ceremonies and live broadcast events.

AVN 443 HD Encoder

This IPTV encoder can turn video from any HDMI, DVI-D, or HD-SDI source into a full screen, full resolution Internet Protocol digital video in real time. Encoding HD video in an H264 stream makes the AVN 443 a must have for all IPTV applications.


The MVN-EN460 Broadcast Encoder is a high performance real-time MPEG-4 SD and HD video encoding solution that is future-proofed by design. Based on the openGear architecture the EN460 has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of the IPTV, Telco, Cable, Contribution and Distribution markets.


The Minicaster is a portable, self-contained, standalone system for live HD and SD video webcasting. All of the necessary hardware and software resources are included for creating high quality streams from all types of professional video sources. Featuring Adobe Flash H.264 and Windows Media encoding, the Minicaster can produce streams at bit rates from 100 kbps to 15 Mbps to deliver premium performance for all types of streaming applications.


An all-in-one, ultra-compact wireless IP router with a built-in full function network video recorder. Features the HauteRouterOS routing system combined with a MS Windows based NVR. Available with either 120GB of shock and vibration resistant solid state storage or 500GB hybrid SSD/SATA storage. Video can be captured from up to 8 cameras via any combination of USB, Ethernet or wireless connections. Live streaming and high capacity storage in one ultra compact device.

sideKick HD

The sideKick HD is a versatile recording solution designed to ease production workflow and satisfy the demands of both producers and postproduction editors. The camera-mountable sideKick HD captures video directly from HD/SDI or HDMI outputs at bit rates up to 220 Mbit/s, with 4:2:2 sampling and 10-bit resolution in multiple codecs starting with ProRes on removable 2.5” SSD drives.

Company Overview:

VidOvation offers world class manufacturing, distribution, consulting and services for video communications equipment in the broadcast, sports, government and professional audio-visual industries. With over 20 years of experience, VidOvation provides solutions for the transport and connectivity of video, audio and data signals, moving video, audio and data over public, private, LAN, WAN, coax, CATx, twisted pair and wireless networks. Additional information is available at www.vidovation.com.

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Forward-thinking PEG station turns to IPTV IP based video system

In a year when many Public / Education /Government stations face budget cuts, the PEG station in Andover, Massachusetts has been able to expand and modernize its facilities.

Reorganized as a not for profit corporation in January, 2008, AndoverTV is upgrading its studio facilities and recently completed a switch to an IPTV IP-based production network. The system, which the station uses to transport programming from remote locations across the town, uses Andover

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