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Wireless SDI & HDMI Links starting at $3K from VidOvation

VidOvation Corporation

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Irvine, CA 92618 USA

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Let VidOvation help you roll up the clutter of cables with our broad range of wireless video transport systems.  We are pleased to offer the VidLink 5G family of low cost HD SDI and HDMI wireless video links for stand-alone and camera mount operation.  These systems will reduce your CAPEX/OPEX expenditures while providing a higher ROI to your bottom line.   Please call today to discuss your wireless video needs and issues.

VidLink 5G Low Cost HD SDI HDMI Wireless Link with V-Lock Mount

VidOvation is proud to introduce the VidLink 5G family of low cost wireless video links.  The VLK-5G-SDI-HDMI wirelessly transmits a HD SDI and HDMI video signal up to 100 meters or 300 feet with H.264 compression.  The system will reach up to 500 meters or 1600 feet with optional high gain antennas.  A 20mWatt 802.11 wireless link is used with dual antennas for 2x MIMO transmission.  The combination of low latency and low cost makes VidLink 5G family ideal for Broadcast, Sports, News, Corporate, House of Worship, Government and Military applications where budgets may be more of concern. The system utilizes 802.11i 128bit AES encryption for a secure transmission.  One transmitter can connect to up to 3 receivers simultaneously.  The system is powered via included external power supplies and a V-Lock battery mount. Option are available for Anton Bauer camera and battery mounts. 

If you want to learn more about VidOvation and how we can help with your video and data communications needs – just call me at 949-777-5435 x 1002.  We welcome the opportunity to meet your needs and solve your issues.  Thank you.  


Gerald Hayashi
Sales Manager



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60GHz Unlicensed Wireless Video

60GHz Wireless HD SDI GoalCam Receiver

The Globally Unlicensed 60 GHz Frequency Band for Uncompressed HD SDI Video Transmission 

Transmitting video wirelessly over the 60 GHz spectrum can be an ideal solution for line of sight applications. Clearly, by definition, a wireless solution eliminates the need for cabling such as fiber or coax, which can be difficult or impossible to use in many instances. Additionally, other wireless frequencies come up short for two major reasons. First, lower frequency solutions like Wi-Fi do not have the bandwidth to transport uncompressed HD video, and would therefore need to compress the video at its source, transmit it across wirelessly, and then uncompressed the video at the receive end. This would both add latency and, much more importantly, reduce video quality, which is critical. Second, these lower frequency solutions in unlicensed bands are subject to a great deal of interference, which can adversely affect, and even shut down, a wireless video stream. This would clearly be unacceptable in many situations, and because of its unlicensed status, anyone with a Wi-Fi transmitter could, accidentally or maliciously, interfere with these transmissions.    Continue reading

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