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Jim Jachetta of VidOvation Speaking at Philadelphia SMPTE & SBE18 Joint Meeting

How to Transmit 4K Video or 10 Gbps Data Wirelessly

Philadelphia SMPTE & SBE18 Joint Meeting Notice

Guests and Non-members welcomeDate:
Tuesday, March 8th, 2016
6:15pm – Refreshments  (courtesy VidOvation)
7:00pm – PresentationLocation:
Lerro Corporation
Valley Forge Corporate Center
905 Madison Ave.
Norristown, PA 19403
(610) 650-4100

Matthew Murphy – Lerro

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NAB Show Free Guest Pass Code LV6577

Come visit the VidOvation team at NAB 2016 to discuss any issues you may be having with NAB Show Free Guest Pass Codeyour video transmission and communications systems.  The show is April 18-21, 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.  Use NAB Show Free Guest Pass Code.


Come and join us in Booth C1119 for a quick conversation. Tell us about your projects and any issues you may be facing. See the latest wireless, bonded cellular, IPTV, networking, steaming and fiber optic offerings.

While waiting for NAB 2016 learn more about how VidOvation can save you time and money by choosing the correct technology for your application.

We hope you see VidOvation out on the floor using our NAB Show Free Guest Pass Code.

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NAB Show 2015 – New Wireless & Cellular Video Links

NAB Show 2015 – New Wireless & Cellular Video – Exhibit Free Pass Code LV6933

New Wireless Video Links at NABShow 2015

The VidOlink Reacher is our newest broadcast-grade HDMI/HDSDI wireless video transmission link, capable of reaching 1000 feet or 300 meters with zero latency and no compression. The transmitter is very compact and lightweight ensuring exceptional maneuverability. This makes the unit ideal for video assist and on-set monitoring, news and sports broadcasts, UAV, military, corporate and other applications in which typical wireless systems either fall short on distance or are too pricey.  See it at NABShow 2015.

New Cellular Video Links at NABShow 2015

The AVI West Pro110 features up to 10 cellular connections (ten USB interfaces for external USB modems), a built-in Wi-Fi modem, and two best-in-class H.264 video encoders. This cellular video system can be used to stream live HD video down to the receiver with minimal delay, which allows broadcasters to produce live seamlessly. Work over wireless and cellular networks, satellite, LAN, WAN, or live to any CDN.

NABShow 2015 Wireless Video transmission free pass vip exhibitor guest

VidOlink Reacher Wireless Video System, to be unveiled at NABShow 2015

NABShow 2015 Wireless Cellular Video AVIWest

AVIWest Cellular Video Uplink, to be unveiled at NABShow 2015







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Video Communications Company VidOvation – DP Buzz Interview

VidOvation is a Video Communications Company

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Video Communications

Jim Jachetta

Larry Jordan: Jim Jachetta is the Founder and President of VidOvation. For over 20 years, Jim’s been designing, integrating and delivering video, fiber optic and data communications systems and recently they’ve expanded into wireless video with some new technology being used by the NHL. Hello, Jim, welcome.

Jim Jachetta: Hi, thanks for having me. Pleasure to be here.
Larry Jordan: We are delighted to have you with us and let’s start with a really easy question. First, tell us about what VidOvation is.
Jim Jachetta: VidOvation is a video communications company. We manufacture solutions for wireless, solutions for fiber optic transmission, for webcasting, we make encoders to stream video over your corporate network or through the internet, but in a nutshell we help our clients move video from Point A to Point B and our tagline is ‘Moving video forward’, so we’re staying up to date with the latest technologies such as what we did for the National Hockey League, using 60 gigahertz transmission for uncompressed wireless video.
Larry Jordan: Let’s just take a second. We understand that you guys are in the business of moving video, but you’re one of the founders of the company. Why did you decide to start the company? What made that so intriguing to you?
Jim Jachetta: Well, I guess I have my dad to blame for that. My dad had an entrepreneurial spirit. My dad was an engineer at ABC, CBS and his longest and final stint was at NBC, so he worked at 30 Rock for about 12 years before starting a company called MultiDyne and, as kids, my brother and I, we always worked for our dad so junior high we helped stuff circuit boards and build a lot of his audio visual equipment, so it’s in our DNA and my dad was a great problem solver and my brother and I have inherited that work ethic of doing the never been done before and solving our clients’ problems or helping with their business workflow.

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60 GHz Wireless NHL Cam’s – Interview with Jim Jachetta

VidOvation on sports officiating with 60 GHz Wireless

The NHL had an issue and realized that traditional wireless & cables just wouldn’t cut it. The variables they were dealing with put a strain on them to seek out alternatives. They found the 60 GHz wireless technology of VidOvation and asked for a custom built camera system based on that technology. The technology transmits uncompressed video using 1.5 of the 7 GHz available in the 60 GHz band. Jim Jachetta speaks about this specialized 60 GHz Wireless project in this interview Ken Pyle of The Viodi View.

How can 60 GHz Wireless help you?

You wouldn’t have any trouble if variables X,Y,and Z didn’t exist, but they do exist, and they’re undoubtedly causing problems. So you’re troubleshooting this obscure issue, but all of the tricks in the book are falling short of resolving the situation. What can you do? What are the options for your project? It is important to understand all of the options available to you regarding technology and spectrum. One of the newer available options to you is 60 GHz Wireless. The interview above is testimony to its reliability and multitude of applications.

goal-line technology 60 GHz Wireless

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