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Digital Signage

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What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a cost effective way of spreading a message or instructions throughout a building or area on electronic displays (such as LCD, LED or plasma displays). This cost-effective digital signage technology allows you to change or direct attention to a new message within a matter of seconds. 

Who uses Digital Signage?

Digital Signage Technology is commonly found in restaurants, hotels, resorts, university campuses, corporate buildings, public access areas and government facilities. Your install should depend on its purpose. What do you intend to display? How important is it? The reason I ask is that consumer-grade displays are economic and may be necessary if you're limited with your budget. Do you need a bright 4K image? In some cases, the answer is yes, in others it's no. Digital signage is sometimes used to provide relevant or important information to employees or workers. In other cases, digital signage is more customer serving, providing helpful up-to-date information, news or even entertainment. 

Digital Signage Questions to Ask Yourself

A big part of digital signage is developing it in a way that it provides value. You should only be installing a digital signage system that provides substantially more value than the cost of the system itself. This means you'll want to pay attention to details during the planning stage. Who will be looking at these screens, where is the best position to place these screens for them to be seen by the correct people. For that matter, how big should each screen be in each location and how should they be mounted? Are any locations far from reach of your network? Will you need to connect across the public internet for any reason? How do you intend to distribute content? How often? What kind of content is it, who's creating it and who's consuming it? Do the screens need to be interactive?

Digital Signage Questions We Will Ask You

1. How many digital signage locations?
2. What's the environment like at those locations?
3. How many channels?
4. Do these channels need to be in sync?
5. Do you want Standard or High Definition capabilities?
6. Do you have displays? If so, what is the model and part number?
7. Will the video be on loop play or would you like the ability to change information over a network?
8. If you need network capabilities, what are more important image quality or bandwidth requirements?
9. Any special requests?

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