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Do your facilities look as dated as the one in the picture shown above? Highly-ranking education institutions today have embraced IP video communications technologies. By eliminating the need for RF Coax and following our design, you can cut your costs while gaining all the quality, easily maintained, flexible IPTV applications below.

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E-Learning (remote programs, live classroom video, digital library)

Allowing students to attend classes from their computers, on their schedules. This alleviates over-crowded classrooms, and opens the doors of higher education to many new students. The local classroom or university amphitheater can be distributed long distances utilizing cameras and a video over IP distribution systems. High quality video can be distributed from one school to an affiliated facility or direct to a remote students desktop.

IPTV for Campus & Dorms

Integrate your university channels with Video-on-Demand entertainment. This is one major way to boost a schools attractiveness and thus profitability.

Digital Signage

Whether for information, directions, branding, or advertising, digital signage plays a major role in today's universities.

Faculty Video Networking

One of the great benefits of a Video Networking & IPTV Distribution System is the capability to stream live and recorded video anywhere over your IP network. This could mean live information dissemination, video conferencing, faculty networking, to devices anywhere.

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