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Fiber Optic Video Transmission
User's Guide

Wireless Video
User's Guide

Introductory Guide to Video Networking   & IPTV

Error Correction Techniques for IP Networks

60 GHz Wireless - NHL Case Study - Bridging the Gap 

Microwave Wireless Ethernet's effect on High Frequency Trading

IP to the Camera - Complete the Broadcast Chain

Making Live Productions Using IP Networks - BBC R&D

High Speed File Transfer White Paper

High Speed File Transfer






Recorded Webinars

Choosing the Right Wireless Technology - Part 1 Overview

IP to the Camera -Completing the
Broadcast Chain

Bridging the Gap without Cables - NAB Speech

Video Networking & IPTV Video Distribution Webinars

Choosing the Right Wireless Technology - Part 2 - The Details 

Error Correction Techniques for IP Networks

Broadcasting Video Over the Internet Using Zixi Method

Super Accelerated, Simultaneous File Transfer & Transcoding with Brevity

Video over Bonded Cellular

Save Money by Running Video over Bonded Cellular


4K Video Wireless Transport over 60GHz Wireless - 10Gbps

Achieve 10 Gbps Wireless Data Rates for 4K Video with Unlicensed 60GHz Spectrum







Product Presentations: PDF's and PPT's

Video Networking & IPTV for your Custom Application

Learn about VidOvation TV video networking systems that deliver a flexible and scalable IPTV system for the distribution of video and live television over your enterprise network. VidOvation will customize your system for your unique application. Here are a few example applications such as Business and Enterprise, Entertainment and Hospitality, Government and Military, Education and Healthcare for video networking and IP video distribution.

Why use 60 GHz for Wireless HD SDI Video Communications?

Go 500+ metes when no cable or fiber available. There are many reasons to go 60 GHz, which we lay out in this white paper, including: Globally Allocated, Unlicensed 60 GHz,7 Gigahertz (GHz) of spectrum between 57 and 64GHz (V Band), Supports high bandwidth for 100% Uncompressed HD-SDI, Encryption not necessary, Narrow beam prevents interference and 60GHz is far more reliable than 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

 Demo Videos

Brevity Demo

Zixi Demo

VidOlink 60G Demo

VidOlink 5G Standard Demo

VidOlink 5G with Optional Antennas Demo

VidOlink 5G Setup & Details



Data Sheets


VidOlink 5G Camera Back

VidOlink Paint

VidOlink 60G

VidOlink 60G-7

COFDM Transmitter

COFDM Reciever

VidOwave 60G Ethernet

VidOwave 70G Ethernet

VidOwave 78G Ethernet

Fiber Optic

VidOptic Camera Back

VidOptic 2000 Series

VidOptic 3600 Series

VidOptic Mini 100


Stagebox Camera Back

VEN 2200

VEN 5200

VEN 3000

PKA 2210

PKA 5210



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