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NHL Press Release

VidOvation’s reputation of finding a perfect solution for our customers can be demonstrated with the story of the National Hockey League (NHL) project.  From the introduction at NAB to the final testing stages VidOvation continually provides solutions and recommendations for all their needs.  The NHL mission was to provide a simple to use wireless in-goal camera system which will capture and record live video of the goal line for officiating and instant replay verification.  This custom goal mounted transmitter system is ruggedized, water resistant and durable enough to withstand some of the hardest hitting shots.  The RF receiver can be easily mounted directly above the goal within each arena and will output uncompressed 1.5G HD-SDI video for ensure the highest quality image to support the officiating. 

From the beginning we took our highly reliable VidLink 1.5G 60GHz wireless technology and integrated it with an HD camera to fit the most demanding needs of the NHL which include:

  • Fully uncompressed video with no bit or resolution manipulation.  Other systems eliminate the least significant video bits and/or compress the video resolution.  The 60 GHz wireless system offers uncompressed and un-coded broadcast quality video at a competitive price point.
  • A RF transmitter and camera is in a custom ruggedized housing which integrates an extruded aluminum tube with polycarbonate shock resistant domes on each end while being mounted on a quick release positive registration bracket to adjust to all situations. 
  • No possible interference with or from other RF systems such as 5.8 GHz COFDM
  • Incorporated internal Lithium-ion batteries to support up to 5 hours of operation per charge.
  • The receiver units will be mounted overhead to receive and decode the 1.5 G HD-SDI signal using two BNC re-clocked HD-SDI outputs.


VidOvation implemented a state of the art wireless in-goal camera system with all the unique features and functionality to the exact NHL specification.  We have been able to exceed expectations during the New York and Toronto trials with a fully custom prototype while addressing safety concerns by adding an impact release mechanism.  VidOvation secured the deal during the NHL exhibition game when the 60GHz wireless system performed flawlessly.  

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