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CCW 2015 - Have A Video Transmission Project? Discuss it in Booth 1442

Irvine, California, xxxxxx - VidOvation, a pioneer in Video Transmission & Distribution Systems publicized an invitation for a free consultation at Content & Communications World Expo 2015 in booth 1442.

VidOvation CTO, Jim Jachetta, remarks on the upcoming presence at the show, “VidOvation’s goal is to help people solve problems. If you are dealing with a problem that might be best solved with video transmission & distribution, we can help design a cost effective system. If there’s a better way to meet that goal, we will guide you in the best direction. At CCW, we are accepting meetings in booth 1442 to discuss both simple and complex video transmission projects.” VidOvation also accepts such meetings online as well.

VidOvation has built a name for itself by crafting creative ways to transmit video, such as the 60 GHz system they developed for the National Hockey League and also by educating broadcasters on upcoming and important technologies. Last year, Jim presented “Achieving 10Gbps Wireless Data Rates for 4K Video with Unlicensed 60GHz Spectrum" at NAB’s Broadcast Engineering Conference. Broadcaster’s often turn to VidOvation for their expansive educational materials on video transmission by seeking out their complementary Video Transmission E-Books.

Must-see video transport items on display in booth 1442 include AVIWEST’s DMNG PRO180 system and the VNP-100 Video Networking Processor. AVIWEST's digital mobile newsgathering (DMNG) system enables broadcasters to capture and broadcast live HD or SD video over multiple networks, including 3G/4G bonded cellular wireless, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite. The 10-Bit VNP-100 has three remarkably powerful encode/transcode/decode engines to handle three simultaneous functions. Using a propriety enhanced FEC (Forward Error Correction) it is capable of offering higher quality video performance even at a significantly reduced bandwidth. It is easily manage via webpage using SNMP (Simple network management protocol) and performs a variety of handy functions such as ETHoSDI, integrated loopbacks and low latency mode. 

VidOvation will also have some IPTV products on display in booth 1442 at CCW 2015. VidOvationTV has been deployed in major network facilities and is also well suited for enterprise networks as well. Using an existing internet protocol network, a VidOvationTV IPTV system can be deployed and managed easily, lower costs tremendously and enable many new future-proof possibilities such as live video contribution and distribution to desktops and smart devices. As an educator on the topic, VidOvation recommends that readers take a look at the Top 14 IPTV mistakes to Avoid.

Wireless video transmission is another highlight in booth 1442. Between the VidOlink Reacher, VidOlink Ranger & the VidOlink Ranger2, there is a way to move wireless video effectively for electronic news gathering, sports broadcasts, video assist and on-set monitoring, unmanned aerial vehicles, military operations and more. Additionally, VidOvation has recently released the VidOlink Tally & Control to easily add tally and camera control (CCU) functionality to those who are already moving an HD video signal. 

VidOvation has recently used some of these technologies to help transmit Pope Francis’ United Nation’s General Assembly Address in Washington D.C., the 2015 UCI Road World Championships in Richmond, Virginia and the roll-out of Lockheed Martin’s first-ever Norwegian F-35 Lightning II military jets built on the Lockheed Martin assembly line in Fort Worth, Texas.

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