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  • VPS-5200 - Multi-Format Reference Generator openGear® Card

VPS-5200 - Multi-Format Reference Generator openGear® Card

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  • Product Code: VPS-5200
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Multi-format Reference Generator Card for openGear® Platform

Reference Generator Card for openGear® frames provides Four Reference Signal Pairs from External or Internal Clocking Source 


  • Independently Adjusted Frame Rate and Delay Outputs
  • Reference Sources: External Input, Internal and Individual Output
  • Any NTSC/PAL Broadcast or Film Reference Rate
  • Genlock (to 1:1, 1:2, 2:1 Output Rates)




The VPS-5200 multi-format reference generator card for openGear® frames provides up to four independently configured reference signal pairs as composite, black burst or tri-level sources.  Reference source for each output maybe external and internal.  Any standard rate can be set in relation to each source, or to another output.  From a single SDI Input, the VPS-5200 provides four pairs of outputs with a standard width I/O module.  A split I/O module is available for four single outputs (eight total) per each of two reference cards.

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