Video Communication Systems

Wireless Video User's Guide

Criteria, Applications, and Technologies

Wireless Video Microwave Wi-Fi Cellular HD SDI HDMI Live Broadcast Transport Guide              


  • Selection Criteria
    • Supported Bit Rates
    • Link Distance
    • Video Interfaces
    • Video Formats and Compression
    • Initial and Recurring Costs
    • License vs. Unlicensed Spectrum
    • Portability and Antenna Types
  • Wireless Applications
    • Sports and News Gathering
    • Grab-and-Go Anywhere Camera's
    • Television and Film Production
    • Confidence Monitoring
    • Video Assist and Onset Monitoring
  • Wireless Technologies
    • Traditional Private Microwave
    • Unlicensed Wi-Fi
    • 4G LTE/Bonded Cellular
    • 60 GHz Uncompressed


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