ABonAir 7msec Delay Broadcast Wireless Video Link Webinar (Recorded Video)

Learn how the system works in this recorded webinar.

Wireless video systems used to have quite a bit of latency, as much as 2-6 frames, causing all sorts of audio lip sync and video delay issues. But now, the newest wireless video systems have just 7 milli-seconds latency (much less than a frame!) and use industry standard H.264 encoding – which means lip sync issues are solved and switching between various cameras and sources is seamless.

We’ve had a lot of questions about this new technology from “Just 7 milli-seconds, is that for real?!” to “How can I solve the lip sync issues we are dealing with at live events?” See how it works, ask your questions live, get a feel for the latest wireless camera systems and how they could help you. Learn about:

  • New low latency, long-range wireless camera technology for broadcast
  • Why super low latency (7ms delay) is needed in a wireless system
  • How to connect different venues together (e.g. stadium, tunnel, locker room, tailgaters)
  • Find out why you need dynamic frequency hopping
  • Why 40 Mbps throughput is needed for superior video quality