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Are you interested in Video Networking & IPTV? Want to learn more from VidOvation, one of the leading vendors in this space? Do you want to find out how to prevent costly mistakes in designing and implementing an IPTV system? Curious how VidOvation can create you a broadcast quality video-over-IP system at 1/3rd the cost of competing systems?

Business & Enterprise

Use video networking and IPTV to improve corporate communications. Compatible with TV, Display, PC, Smartphone, & Tablet Clients. Allows for live corporate broadcasting enhanced training and better information dissemination to employees.

Hospitality & Entertainment

For hotels, casino’s, resorts, live events, & venues! Increase RevPar, integrate with your Property Management System, on display ordering, customize to your application! Sports & Live Venues Is poor fan or spectator experience costing you ticket revenue? Bring back the excitement with IPTV for your Stadium or Live Venue with In-house Live Television. Fully integrate your IPTV system with AT&T DirecTY, DISH Network, cable and over live television source. Use one of the only systems with an approved Digital Rights Management (DRV) System.


Healthcare & Hospital facilities have much to gain by implementing a video networking and IPTV system. Discover how you can increase your revenue per available room, reduce 30 Day readmission rates, improved patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores enhance your branding and obtain better operation efficiency.

Government & Military

Video Networking and IPTV Video Distribution has some applications for government and military. For example, Any large venue After-Action-Reviews systems, surveillance for military bases, seaports, highways, etc. Also, MOUT (Military Operation in Urban Terrain) ranges, congressional digital meeting video systems, live Personnel Communications, Video on Demand, Synchronized Simultaneous Playback of up to 16 video streams, and more!

School & University

Learn to use IPTV for the university campus and dorm rooms, stream live video to the classroom displays, desktops, or mobile devices for E-learning applications. Learn to store a digital library with Video-on-Demand accessibility as well as integrate with your digital signage and surveillance systems. If you already have some of these features, we can add selected features!