WFX 2018 Preview – 7msec Wireless Camera Link – IPTV – Digital Signage – Save Satellite Costs Connecting Remote Campuses

Date:   November 14-15, 2018

Location:  Booth 109, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

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IPTV and Digital Signage Provide Ongoing and Effective Communications: A Case Study with VidOvation and First Baptist Orlando
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Company Overview

VidOvation is a leading provider of video, audio, and data transmission, contribution and distribution systems for houses of worship. Encompassing bonded cellular, wireless video, video streaming, video networking, encoding, IPTV, digital signage, and fiber-optic communications systems, VidOvation solutions improve video transmissions by removing the frustrations of dropouts, latency, interference, noise, and security issues. VidOvation excels in helping its clients integrate custom solutions into existing infrastructure, with the ability to satisfy almost any application or budget. The company applies proven expertise to the complete project lifecycle — from project consulting and management to engineering and design, to warranty and support. More information about how VidOvation is moving video forward can be found at

VidOvation at the 2018 WFX Show

New One-of-a-Kind Ultra-Low-Latency ABonAir Wireless Links

Wireless video link provider ABonAir is renowned for providing extremely low latency in a long-range, high-performance, broadcast-grade wireless system, and VidOvation now represents ABonAir’s products in the United States. ABonAir’s one-of-a-kind solution will benefit VidOvation’s customers in the sports, live events, and newsgathering spaces, where the lowest possible delay is mandatory while preserving high video quality.

At the 2018 WFX, VidOvation will for the first time demonstrate ABonAir’s flagship wireless video link — AB512™. Built on a bidirectional radio channel between transmitter and receiver, ABonAir’s wireless video links acknowledge the correct acceptance of each group of pixels, thus providing exceptionally robust and reliable transmission.

Most notably, the AB512 system reduces latency to only a 7-millisecond delay (also known as subframe delay) for live event coverage, multicamera productions, and any other application in which latency of two to six frames or 30-90 milliseconds is unacceptable. Low delay enables crews to produce multicamera and live shows without worrying about the lag caused by lip sync or the simultaneous operation of multiple cameras. The system features an RF spectrum analyzer which automatically selects and hops to the best RF channel without dropping a single bit, while the manual channel selection option is ideal for frequency coordination at large events.

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Antelope Camera Systems and DoCaption Now Available to U.S. Market Through VidOvation

European Developers of Camera Systems and Captioning/Subtitling Solutions Offer Innovations for Broadcast and Live Production Applications

LAKE FOREST, Calif. Oct. 15, 2018 — VidOvation today announced that agreements have been reached between the company and two European equipment vendors — Antelope Camera Systems and DoCaption — to offer their product lines to the U.S. market. Antelope Camera Systems, based in Germany, is well known for its high-frame-rate camera systems in sports and live action applications. France-based DoCaption offers subtitle and captioning solutions, including the frame-accurate scoreboard data encoder and decoder for broadcast sports applications.Antelope Camera Systems

Antelope Camera Systems specializes in the development of mini cameras and high-speed imaging technology for the broadcast market, providing solutions for sports and live event production as well as feature and documentary films. The Antelope camera family — together with the first fully integrated real-time deflickering solution for live broadcast slow-motion systems — are the major products developed by Antelope Camera Systems. The company offers the world’s smallest, fully integrated professional 2K and 4K HDR live broadcast cameras: Antelope Femto, Antelope Nano, and Antelope Ultra 4K. Antelope Camera Systems is also well-known for its smallest high-speed camera, Antelope Pico, which provides stunning, slow-motion perspectives in live broadcast at 350fps in native HD, while simultaneously outputting a 1080p50/60 signal via HD-SDI for live television production.

DoCaption’s flagship LRBox line features a comprehensive series of hardware tools for 3G/HD/SD-SDI ancillary data management including, but not limited to, closed captioning and subtitling. The cost-effective, DoCaption - Closed Captions - Ancillary Dataversatile LRBox provides on-the-fly video ancillary data insertion, extraction, and bridging capabilities, together with an on-screen-display engine for monitoring.  The most recent addition to DoCaption’s LRBox platform, the scoreboard data encoder and decoder, allows for frame-accurate insertion of scoreboard data into an SDI video signal. The system receives data from various scoreboard brands by connecting directly to them using their specific protocols. In sports applications, this process ensures video is perfectly synchronized with the game clock, ultimately improving the accuracy of game replays and official reviews.

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Major Sports Network Transports Entire Professional Golf Tournament Over Public Internet Using Technology From VidOvation and AVIWEST

LAKE FOREST, Calif. Oct. 11, 2018 — VidOvation today announced that a major U.S. sports network used VidOvation and AVIWEST technology late last month for international coverage of the annual HE4000 HEVC 4K HD Encoderprofessional golf tournament between U.S. and European teams. VidOvation supplied AVIWEST gear equipped with unique SafeStreams technology, which allowed the network to use IP to contribute and transport all video over the public internet between the event at Le Golf National Golf Course in Paris and the studio control room in Atlanta.

“The main challenge for this company was to backhaul live, multicamera, multisource audio and video reliably over the public internet, which, as an unmanaged network, is notoriously unstable. AVIWEST built the highly adaptive SafeStreams protocol to overcome such barriers, especially for remote-integration productions like this one,” said Jim Jachetta, executive vice president and chief technology officer at VidOvation. “Thanks to SafeStreams, the internet was the only means of transport the sports network needed for its tournament coverage.”

The network’s system included five AVIWEST HE4000 four-channel HD/single-channel UHD HEVC encoders and five AVIWEST StreamHub receiver/decoder/transcoders. The equipment relies on AVIWEST’s patented SafeStreams IP bonded-cellular transport protocol, which provides reliable, broadcast-quality video transmission over 3G/4G cellular, LAN, Wi-Fi, satellite, and the public internet with dynamic, two-dimensional forward error correction, automatic re-requests (ARQ), and up to 100 percent redundancy. The system made it possible for the network to transport 16 contribution feeds from Paris to Atlanta and four return feeds from Atlanta to Paris over a 1 gigabit per second unmanaged public internet connection, with support for both variable and constant bit rates. As a result, the network saved money over traditional telecom or satellite transport methods.StreamHub

“With technology from AVIWEST and support from VidOvation, the network’s coverage went off without a hitch, and we were able to save them significant costs on contribution and distribution in the process,” added Jachetta. “Not only did the gear perform beyond the network’s expectations, but our support before and during its coverage was excellent. We’re looking forward to helping this network and others put the AVIWEST gear to use in more live sports broadcasts in the months ahead.”

More information about the full VidOvation product line is available at

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Nickelodeon and Viacom IPTV Case Study

Viacom Reduces Costs by Keeping an Eye on the Production Floor With IPTV from VidOvation

By using VidOvation TV to deliver both live internal studio feeds and DirecTV playout of its own content, Viacom can monitor quality control during both production and distribution.

VidOvation TV is a turnkey, flexible, and scalable enterprise IPTV and digital signage solution that empowers organizations to incorporate live TV programs, live internal video broadcast, and video on demand to increase the efficiency of training and communications.

Modern media facilities, studios, and other buildings are no longer being wired with bulky coaxial cable for television distribution. So, most businesses prefer to send television over the corporate network. VidOvation TV is the most effective and cost-effective way to do it.

VidOvation TV is an enterprise IPTV and Digital Signage System that combines live television from external sources with internal feeds from in-house studios; live events; and prerecorded, on-demand video content. As a result, your business can not only have its own internal TV channels, but you can distribute from live television sources such as DirecTV, Dish Network, local cable, and more. There’s even an option to integrate digital signage and emergency alerts into the VidOvation TV system. And there’s no need to worry about digital rights. Industry-compliant digital rights management (DRM) systems are fully integrated, so VidOvation TV will meet the legal requirements of all content owners and studios.

The big benefit? It’s much easier to communicate with, train, and guide your employees, including giving them timely instructions during critical emergency situations. Just install VidOvation TV and go.

You can stream live and prerecorded video directly to TVs, set-top boxes, mobile devices, tablets, and computers. To make the user experience more dynamic, employees can schedule recordings via a program guide, and recorded content is available for on-demand, time-shifted viewing.

Bottom line: VidOvation TV is a turnkey system with powerful and easy-to-use functions, high-quality wireless video, reliable and well-managed operations, and unparalleled scalability and extensibility.

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Turner Sports uses AVIWEST SafeStreams to Transport Ryder Cup over the Public Internet

Congratulations to Turner Sports for contributing and transporting their entire Ryder Cup program over the Public Internet using AVIWEST SafeStreams technology.

Ryder Cup Turner sports

Ryder Cup Master Control – Turner Sports

Turner Sports was seeking a means to transport 16 contribution feeds from Paris to Atlanta and 4 return program feeds from Atlanta to Paris via the public Internet. Vidovation provided an AVIWEST solution based on SafeStreams technology.

The system included a total of five HE4000 4 channel HD or single channel UHD HEVC encoders with supporting StreamHub receiver, decoders, and transcoders. To save costs, Turner Sports utilized a 1 Gb per second unmanaged public Internet connection.

The AVIWEST SafeStreams technology provided Turner Sports with a robust and reliable transport via the unpredictable public Internet. SafeStreams utilizes highly adaptive forward error correction FEC, automatic re-requests ARQ, and IP bonding.

Hi Jim, Thanks for your support throughout this project (Ryder Cup Golf Tournament). Not only was the AVIWEST gear great, the VidOvation support was excellent. Looking forward to doing more in the future.
Tom Sahara
VP of Operations & Technology, Turner Sports

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