Advances in Wireless Video – SMPTE New England Section Meeting

SMPTE New England Section Meeting

(FREE AND OPEN TO ALL). Students are especially welcome!

DATE: Friday, September 28th

TIME: 6:30 PM light refreshments, 7:00 Meeting

LOCATION: WGBH-TV, 1 Guest Street, Boston.

Free parking with validation in the adjacent garage.

PRESENTER: Jim Jachetta, EVP of Engineering and CTO of VidOvation

Advances in Wireless Video

THE EVENT: You will learn about the technical challenges of producing a live multi-city reality show. You will also learn about new wireless developments facilitating broadcast quality video with only a 7msec delay.

EXAMPLES DISCUSSED: The Technical Director of A&E’s live reality show “Live PD” faced several technical issues. One major challenge was how to cost-effectively produce a “live-from-the-street” police show in six cities simultaneously using up to 41 cameras.

The show is a REMI (Remote Integration Model) production, where every camera is home-run from each police vehicle to A&E master control in New York. All cameras must

be in perfect gen-lock synchronization, and have perfect audio and video lip-sync, because there is no time in a live broadcast to correct synchronization issues.

In this presentation by Jim Jachetta, he will delve into the details behind the video transmission solution from VidOvation and AVIWEST solving this technical challenge.

You will learn about AVIWEST’s SafeStreams technology, with advanced forward-error correction, that automatically re-requests dropped packets and uses bonding techniques, precise timing, and adaptive bit-rate encoding over bonded cellular and the public internet.


  • Broadcast live from six or seven different cities simultaneously

  • Maintain Gen-lock, multi-camera synchronization and lip sync

  • Stream live at 130 MPH from a police vehicle

  • Stream live from handheld camera operators

No other technology was able to meet these challenges.

Directions to WGBH

WGBH is located in Boston’s Brighton neighborhood, close to Allston, Cambridge, and Watertown, Massachusetts.

The address is: WGBH

One Guest Street, Boston, MA 02135 617-300-2000

From the East: Via Mass Pike (I-90)

Take Exit 20 (Brighton/Cambridge). After toll booth, follow sign to Allston/Brighton. Continue on exit ramp to cross over Mass Pike onto Cambridge St. Go through four traffic lights. At fifth light, with Twin Donuts in front of you, bear right onto North Beacon St. Go through three traffic lights. At fourth light, turn right onto Market St. At next light, turn right onto Guest St.

Via I-93, Route 1, or Storrow Drive

Follow Storrow Drive west to Mass Pike/Central Square exit. On exit ramp, stay in left lane. Turn left onto Cambridge St. After traffic lights at ramp and Doubletree Hotel, cross over Mass Pike, continuing on Cambridge St. Go through four traffic lights. At fifth light, with Twin Donuts in front of you, bear right onto North Beacon St. Go through three traffic lights. At fourth light, turn right onto Market St. At next light, turn right onto Guest St.

From the West Via Mass Pike (I-90)

Take Exit 18 (Brighton/Cambridge), bearing left after toll booth and following signs to Allston/Brighton. Cross over Mass Pike onto Cambridge St. Go through four traffic lights. At fifth light, with Twin Donuts in front of you, bear right onto North Beacon St. Go through three traffic lights. At fourth light, turn right onto Market St. At next light, turn right onto Guest St.

Via Arsenal Street

Pass Arsenal Mall. Get into right lane and continue up Arsenal St. through two traffic lights, following signs to Brighton Center. At third light, turn right and immediately get into left lane. Pass through two lights on Market Street. At third light, turn left onto Guest St.

Via Charlesbank/Soldiers Field Rd.

After MDC pool on right, road splits; bear right onto Leo Birmingham Hwy., follow sign for North Beacon St./Brighton Center. Go through one traffic light and one flashing light. At next light, turn right onto Market St., passing over Mass Pike. Turn left onto Guest St. at next light.

Via public transportation

WGBH’s Guest Street studios are easily accessed by two MBTA bus lines. Number 64 runs from Faneuil St. Oak Square in Brighton to University Park or Kendall/MIT via Central Square

(Red Line). Number 86 runs from Sullivan Square Station to Cleveland Circle (Reservoir/Chestnut Hill Ave.) via Harvard Square, providing access to the Red and Green Lines.

For MBTA bus schedules:

The Boston Landing Commuter Rail Station offers another option.

Located adjacent to Boston Landing on Guest St (spanning to the Everett St bridge), the service runs along the Framingham-Worcester line.

Martin P. Feldman, SMPTE New England Section Chairman

AVIWEST at News Technology Summit

News Technology Summit

Location:  Hilton Baltimore BWI Airport – 1739 West Nursery Road, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090

About:   With ratings for news playing a key role in the overall financial health of local broadcast stations and networks, finding the right technology to attract viewers with the highest quality newscasts and digital products is more important than ever before. That has made the annual News Technology Summit a must-attend event for over a decade, with the 2018 event once again focusing on game-changing technologies that will give news organizations a competitive edge in their TV and digital operations.

AVIWEST is a world’s leading providers of video contribution uplink systems for live streaming over any kind of unmanaged IP networks including bonded cellular.

At AVIWEST, we are dedicated to helping our customers respond to present and future challenges by providing them with remote live newsgathering, remote and at-home production, full contribution and distribution solutions that are portable, cost-effective, and reliable while guaranteeing exceptional video quality from any location around the world.

Broadcast production teams are always looking for ways to contribute and distribute video between the field and master control. The traditional approach is to use an expensive telecom connection or dedicated satellite and fiber links. However, a far less costly alternative is to send video through the public internet or unmanaged networks. And the best part? The alternative is essentially free! This alternative approach is already helping major broadcast networks across the United States save money.

Using AVIWEST proprietary Safestreams technology, you can bond any combination of IP links to transport your video in a reliable way while using public, unmanaged cellular, satellite, WiFi or landline connections.

IBC2018 Exhibitor Preview – AVIWEST & VidOvation – Stand 2.B31

At IBC2018, AVIWEST will demonstrate the latest enhancements to its live video contribution and distribution systems. AVIWEST’s advanced video contribution platform enables broadcasters to capture and deliver live 4K, HD, or SD video over multiple unmanaged IP networks, including bonded 4G/3G cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite links.


Book a Meeting NOW with Jim Jachetta & the AVIWEST Team at IBC 2018, Amsterdam RIA, Amsterdam NL


First-Class HEVC Remote Field Unit Boosts Video Quality, Reduces Data Consumption HEVC Cellular Bonding
At IBC2018, AVIWEST will unveil its all-new PRO3 Series, which includes an integrated best-in class H.265/HEVC hardware encoder in the most compact design enclosure available. Using the PRO3, video professionals can seamlessly provide high-quality news and event coverage, while supporting the HEVC video standard.

With up to 12 network links (eight cellular modems, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet), a high-efficiency custom antenna array, and AVIWEST SafeStreams® technology, the new PRO3 Series allows broadcasters to deliver better video quality while consuming less data. Providing high versatility, the PRO3 Series is the ideal companion for on-the-go video professionals that need a robust and reliable solution.

Photo Link:
Photo Caption: AVIWEST PRO3 Series Video Uplink System


New Uplink System Sets the Benchmark for On-the-Go Live Video Production
Featuring a powerful, ultra-lightweight design, the AIR Series is perfect for on-the-go video professionals, providing them with portable, versatile, and affordable solutions. Integrating best-in-class hardware encoders, the series enables flawless HD and SD encoding and exceptional video quality. Featuring up to six network links (four cellular modems, one internal Wi-Fi, and one Ethernet), a three-hour internal battery, and AVIWEST’s SafeStreams® technology, the AIR Series allows broadcasters to stream live videos seamlessly and store and forward recorded content — even during unpredictable and unmanaged network conditions.

Photo Link:
Photo Caption: AVIWEST AIR Series Video Uplink System


State-of-the-Art 4K and Multi-HD Video Encoding and Distribution
AVIWEST’s HE4000 4K UHD HEVC live encoder is ideal for real-time delivery of UHD and HD content over unmanaged IP networks. The compact, half 1-RU encoder combines 10-bit and 4:2:2 HEVC encoding with the latest generation of SafeStreams® technology for delivery of live video content over IP at low latencies and bit rates.  The HE4000 encoder will be showcased with the recent QUAD CellLink, an external 3G/4G-LTE cellular transmission solution that embeds four last-generation 3G/4G-LTE cellular modems with their SIM cards. Together, it’s the perfect companion for broadcasters that need higher performance and enhanced connection reception in critical conditions for live video transmission over bonded cellular networks. A powerful alternative to traditional satellite or microwave transmissions, AVIWEST’s solution reduces the high costs associated with these alternative methods.

Photo Link:
Photo Caption: AVIWEST HE4000 4K Ultra HD HEVC Encoder With QUAD CellLink

Empowering Mobile Journalist Creativity With MOJOPRO Series
AVIWEST has enhanced its MOJOPRO Series, an industry-leading mobile journalism solution that is available on mobile devices (iOS and Android™) and MacBook® Pro. MOJOPRO allows video professionals to stream live videos flawlessly, edit video files, and forward recorded content from any location over bonded 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connections in just seconds.
The MOJOPRO app for iOS gives broadcasters a competitive edge by enabling them to stream video content in a matter of seconds. The smartphone app features an optimized interface, advanced camera settings (e.g., focus, exposure, white balance, etc.), dynamic resolution, and video quality improvements. Easy-to-use video and audio editing features allow remote journalists to create video stories in minutes.

Photo Link:
Photo Caption: AVIWEST MOJOPRO Series Mobile Journalism Solution

Live 360 TV Demo For Efficient Delivery of Immersive Video Experiences
AVIWEST will participate in a Live 360 TV demo at the IBC Future Zone. To address the rapidly growing consumer demand for virtual reality and immersive experiences, AVIWEST will demonstrate an end-to-end live streaming solution for distribution and decoding of broadcast quality 360-degree audio and video content on multiple displays.

Company Overview:
AVIWEST is dedicated to helping its customers respond to present and future live video production and contribution challenges by providing them with cost-effective and reliable systems that guarantee exceptional video quality from any location around the world. Its complete ecosystem comprises a full range of mobile devices, from smartphone live video applications to industry-leading video transmitters and encoders, transceiver and decoder platforms, as well as a cloud-based management system with live video added-value services. Headquartered in Saint-Grégoire, Western France, AVIWEST supports broadcasters and other video professionals worldwide through international sales offices and distribution networks across more than 160 countries.

Link to Word Doc:

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Espace Performance
Bâtiment O
35769 Saint-Grégoire

Agency Contact:
Moe Lokat
202 Communications
Tel: +44 7973 306039

In the USA, please call the AVIWEST USA Distributor at +1-949-777-5435 or email

Questions When Purchasing an IPTV Head End Equipment

Purchasing an IPTV head end equipment can help the enterprise achieve its organizational internal live video streaming objectives. However, prior to buying the equipment, there are many questions you will need to ask yourself.  How is vendor ‘A’ advantageous over vendor ‘B’? You need to ask questions before the actual purchase. The following are some of the guide questions you will need before purchasing IPTV head end equipment.

When to buy the equipment?

Make the right purchasing decision for IPTV head end equipment. The best purchase decision is the one that ultimately adds value to your company. The purchase will provide the enterprise with access to live DirecTV, Cable TV, over-the-air TV, internal video feeds, studio feeds, video on demand libraries, digital signage, emergency alerts and more all streamed over the network to smart TVs, set-top boxes, desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets. It is a purchase that will improve corporate morale, communications, and safety.   

An IPTV head end system helps enterprise and government institutions enhance the communication process and makes training within the organization easy. It is undoubtedly beneficial to the organization. However, you need to make a decision of how soon you need it implemented.  Installation of the IPTV headend and digital signage system can begin in as few as 2 to 3 weeks.  

Is the budget available?IPTV head end

Sometimes you may have the need but with limited finances. At other times, there may be funds but the decision maker is not ready to approve the purchase because of different priorities or is not prepared to sign. You need to assess the need creating a sense of urgency to purchase.  New buildings may not have coaxial cabling for a traditional cable TV system.  In such cases, an IPTV Headend offers the only scalable solution for video distribution by using the corporate IP network.  An IPTV Head End and Digital signage may be critical for business operations, communications and safety.  

Is there training available?

The VidOvation IPTV Head end and Digital Signage system have a familiar user interface.  Your employees will find it similar to their cable or satellite system at home making it easy to learn and navigate.  VidOvation provides a full day of onsite or remote training for the system administrators,  

What are the means of payment?IPTV head end

Different companies accept different modes of financing the IPTV head end equipment you purchase. Weigh the different methods depending on their advantages or disadvantages. VidOvation offers a variety of payment terms including a lease to own options with terms up to 72 months.  

The bottom line

Another question that runs in the mind of a purchaser is where to buy the equipment. You will definitely have some comparisons between different vendors. Here, you will need to weigh the different pros and cons for different vendors. It is essential to see the company’s portfolio and see who they’ve worked with.  VidOvation offers one of the more affordable IPTV Head end and Digital Signage Systems with approved Digital Rights Managment supporting either Pro:Idiom or Verimatrix encryption.  

By following the above questions, you will be able to choose the IPTV head end that meets the needs of your enterprise. The questions above will be able to assist you and keep you on track when it comes to choosing a vendor.  

You will prevent many costly mistakes by calling VidOvation today at 949-777-5435.    

Do you want a 7 year ROI on your Bonded Cellular? [AVIWEST PRO380 HEVC Uplink]

HEVC Cellular Bonding

AVIWEST was the first bonded cellular and IP uplink manufacturer to introduce a small, portable, camera mount solution more than six years ago with the PRO180. It was the first system to include eight bonded cellular modems. Customers who bought early units have enjoyed all the AVIWEST advancements through incremental firmware updates. AVIWEST takes the philosophy of over-engineering the hardware of their products thus delivering customers a return on investment of up to seven years. Customers who purchased a PRO180 almost seven years ago still have a system that outperforms brand-new systems from the competition today due to easily managed firmware updates.

The AVIWEST Award Winning PRO380 bonded cellular, and IP uplink continues the tradition with a best in class HEVC codec, dual encoders for transmission and high-quality recording, eight cellular modems, SIP IP intercom, balanced audio I/O’s, 0.5 second latency, patented antennas, v-lock and gold camera mount and backpack options and more. Based on customer tests, the PRO380 will save 65% on data compared to typical H.264 systems and save 30% on data compared to typical HEVC systems. The expected return on investment once again will be more than seven years. AVIWEST has engineered into the product future capabilities including bidirectional video transmission and more.  The PRO380 recently won 2018 Best of Show at NAB from TV Technology magazine.



  • Supports Gen-lock across the Cellular Network
  • Supports multiple cameras in the field with perfect camera synchronization, gen-lock, and lip-sync
  • Up to 12 IP bonded connections
  • 2 Advanced HEVC Encoders, VBR, and CBR for live transmission and high-quality recording
  • 8 embedded 3G/4G modems with a high-efficiency custom antenna array giving faster network acquisition and improved resilience
  • 8 MCX antenna connectors into which 2 AVIWEST QUAD cellular wideband antenna arrays can be plugged to strengthen the signal transmission in a critical environment
  • 1 built-in Wi-Fi modem with antenna
  • 2 auxiliary USB ports
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet for streaming over LAN, BGAN, GX, Thuraya or KA-band

Best of Show NAB 2018