Brand Promise

The world of video is changing. Rapidly and consistently.

With this change comes challenge and opportunity. The challenge to move ahead of the curve and the opportunity to reap the benefits of doing so.

Guiding our clients in this quest is why VidOvation was founded and what drives us to excel everyday. We innovate in two ways:

  • By delivering the most advanced service solutions
  • By providing industry leading technology

We have decades of expertise in streaming video and webcasting, wireless video communications, video over wired IP and Ethernet networks, CATV and RF video transport over category cable, video over category cable and coax, video and RF over fiber optic cable and fiber optic networks, and fiber-optic cable assemblies.  We guarantee a wide spectrum of feature rich products that readily integrate into existing infrastructure and third party systems. Our industry experience Moving Video Forward solving real video and data communication challenges enable us to make your daily operations an efficient and productive operating environment.

We guarantee superior customer education and a wide spectrum of feature rich products. Look to us for the best in problem solving and the video products that are ideally aligned with your business goals.

We are The Future of Video. Today.