We provide expertise, equipment and services for content distribution:

Television signals are more complex and viewers more demanding than ever before. Systems must be in place to support bit rates as high as 3 Gbps, the new industry standard for HDTV. The wave of the future is lossless compression and bandwidth reduction. Through video compression, these high bit rates can travel real-time over existing lines, from the street, stadium and red carpet to the network hub, directly to the viewers. We support applications in distribution, news, sports and production.


Live Broadcasting over IP Networks:

High-quality video transport over public and private networks can be facilitated for studio to transmitter links (STL’s), distribution between production facilities, network feeds to cable TV head ends and network affiliates, studios to satellite up-link feeds, back-haul feeds from remote venues and sporting arenas, electronic news gathering (ENG), video content delivery to mobile providers just to name a few.

Live remote news or sporting events require content transport back to the network broadcast facility. This could be thousands of miles away or halfway around the globe. The video may be distributed through private or public networks. The preferred method of video transport is to encode into a compressed IP stream for distribution through hardwired land, satellite or wireless networks.  Through this technology, national sporting leagues such as the NFL and NBA transport live video back to their corporate production facilities for redistribution and archival purposes.