Enterprise HD Video

Highly Intelligent IPTV System to Stream Live Video Anywhere

Video Networking & IPTV for Corporate Video Applications:

The need for an easy, low cost, HD, highly intelligent IPTV Video Distribution system has never been greater. VidOvation TV is exactly that. Its value-added ability to Stream Live Video Anywhere Over Your IP Network in-house or wirelessly on the go is evidence to its excellence. Whether it be video conferencing across the world, telecommuting, corporate-wide emergency information dissemination, networking of colleagues, meeting client needs, or even hosting webinars, our design has you covered.

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Not to mention, the Video-on-Demand aspect which enables employees to keep up and fresh on everything they need to know. At the same time, while the world of communications moves more toward video, it is imperative to have your business wired to handle the influx of streaming video files, without crashing or putting a drain on the system.

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