17 Costly Mistakes to Avoid when Building an IPTV Headend

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  1. No support for distribution to desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet
  2. Getting stuck with one content provider (CATV/SAT) or without open architecture
  3. No support for Digital Rights Management or DRM
  4. Non-Friendly User Interface
  5. Not allowing integration of your own VOD content with your providers
  6. Not allowing for Your Own Live Video Distribution
  7. Limited or No Video Conferencing Functions
  8. Lacking Scalability, Security, and Flexibility
  9. Plus 9 more Mistakes to Avoid

VidOvation In-house Enterprise IPTV video networking systems deliver a flexible and scalable distribution of video and live television over your enterprise, corporate, or facility network. We are the only vendor capable of additionally streaming to computer desktops, smartphones, tablets, displays, Smart TVs and set-top boxes.

VidOvation Enterprise IPTV is a turnkey flexible and scalable Enterprise IPTV solution that empowers organizations to incorporate live TV programs, live internal video broadcast and video-on-demand to increase the efficiency of training and communications. VidOvation Enterprise IPTV delivers digital television programming to employee’s PC’s, TV’s, Smartphones and Tablets, allows scheduled recording via program guide on PC’s, and provides such recorded content for on-demand time-shift viewing.

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The system supports Live TV content from DirecTV, Dish Networks, Satellite, Cable and more.  VidOvation TV allows businesses or facilities to have their internal TV channels to communicate, train and guide employees, including appropriate instructions during critical emergency situations. We ensure powerful and easy-to-use functions, high-quality video, reliable and well-managed operations, and unparalleled scalability and extensibility.

The VidOvation Enterprise IPTV system fully integrates with the DirecTV COM2000 Satellite for Enterprise, the Dish Network SmartBox, Cable Television and more.

What is IPTV & Video Networking?

Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a head end system through which television services are delivered using the Internet protocol suite over a packet-switched enterprise network , instead of being delivered through traditional RF coax.  IPTV is very cost-effective, flexible, and highly interactive. Services may be classified into the three of following groups.

  • Live television, with or without interactivity related to the current TV show
  • Time-shifted television or DVR: catch-up TV (replays a TV show from hours or days ago), start-over TV
  • Video on demand (VOD): browse a catalog of videos, not related to TV programming
  • Stream Live to Desktop PC, Smartphone,  Tablet, Smart TV, Set-top boxes, TVs and Displays

Providers supported by VidOvation TV – DirecTV, Dish network, Cox Cable, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, AT&T U-Verse, Cablevision, Charter Communications, Metrocast, US Cable, CenturyLink, Suddenlink, Verizon FiOS and just about anyone else.