Jim Jachetta, Executive VP and CTO of VidOvation

With over 25 years of experience in designing, integrating and delivering video transmission and distribution systems, Jim drives VidOvation to create solutions using world-class technology to make the “impossible” and “never been done before” a viable, everyday solution aligned with your business goals.  Your goals are achieved using modern technology, creatively implemented to meet your business needs, easy to support, and delivered at a price point that fits your budget. See more about Jim Jachetta and VidOvation.

The NHL’s vision was to provide an in-goal camera system which captured and recorded live video of the goal line for officiating and instant replay verification. The challenge: there was no ability to run wires through the ice to the goal; the goal is movable so the lens must be able to be adjusted remotely, and the system must be ruggedized water resistant, and durable enough to withstand some of the hardest hitting shots from the NHL players. VidOvation designed an all-inclusive system integrating a ruggedized RF receiver and camera head unit that could be easily mounted directly above the goal within each arena while outputting uncompressed 1.5G HD-SDI video. The project was complemented with a support and maintenance program to ensure the highest quality image is always on to help the officiating across North America. Read the case study.

The Las Vegas City Center is a 16,797,000-square-foot mixed-use, urban complex on 76 acres located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. The vision for the City Center was to provide the world’s largest hospitality implementation of broadcast quality video with up to 1080p resolution through a fiber optic infrastructure. Jim and his staff at VidOvation worked closely with the design consulting team to create a solution that enabled the conversion of 3G HD-SDI and DVI video signals to an optical signal for transport over single mode fiber throughout the massive City Center campus and Convention Center. The design and implementation of the system future proofs the video delivery as technology changes over time.

The Pentagon was seeking a secure means of routing and distributing high-resolution computer graphics in a Pentagon Briefing Annex. Jim and his team created a design and implementation for a secure, high-resolution fiber optic transport project at the Pentagon in Washington, DC. Fiber optics gave the network administrators the ability to detect security breaches and furthermore provided a more secure and harder to wire-tap fiber optic solution over a traditional UTP/CAT5 system.

KTNV, the local ABC affiliate owned by Journal Broadcast Group of Milwaukee, had an analog camera and microwave receiver on top of  their building, with a single-mode fiber link to its studio’s several miles away. Jim and his team were able to provide a cost-efficient and reliable ways to transmit multiple signal types over a single fiber link, said Ron Adair, director of television engineering for the Journal Broadcast Group. “That enabled us to have Ethernet control of the system without the need of separate phone lines.

Jim Jachetta has also authored multiple articles and white papers including a chapter on Fiber Optic Transmission Systems in National Association of Broadcasters Engineering Handbook and has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from NYU Polytechnic University. Jim rounds his expertise as a co-author on two patents: System for Communication of Video, Audio, Data, Control or Other Signals over Fiber in a Self-Healing Ring Topology United States 7822344 B1 and System for Communication of Video, Audio, Data, Control or Other Signals over Fiber United States 7920789.

What does this mean for you?

While your organization may not be a major sports league, the US Department of Defense, or the largest hospitality fiber network, it is comforting to know that Jim and his team’s experience and broad knowledge base benefits every project that VidOvation is engaged to design, implement, and support. Jim’s expertise includes streaming video and webcasting, wireless video communications, IPTV, video over wired IP and Ethernet networks, CATV and RF video transport over category cable, video over category cable and coax, video and RF over fiber optic cable and fiber optic networks, and fiber-optic cable assemblies.

Jim is ready to provide you a personal guarantee that you and your executive team will be delighted with the ROI, support ability, and longevity of the video system you implement with VidOvation and that it will readily integrate into your existing infrastructure and be compatible with third party systems. Their industry experience Moving Video Forward and solving real video and data communication challenges enables them to make your daily operations an efficient and productive operating environment.

You will are rewarded by our broad expertise when you take the time to listen to what VidOvation has to offer as Jim Jachetta, and his talented team allows you to take advantage of their decades of experience and passion for wireless, cellular, IPTV, video over IP and fiber optics. You may reach Jim Jachetta at +1-949-777-5435 or email his team at jim@vidovation.com.

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