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VidOvation Provides AVIWEST 3G/4G Video Uplinks to Broadcast the 2015 Papal Visit

Irvine, California, 9/22/15 – VidOvation, a leading manufacturer of Video, Audio and Data Communications Systems announced today their support of live broadcast transmissions of the Historic Papal Visit of 2015 to European TV stations using AVIWEST DMNG 3G/4G Video Uplink Systems.

The pope’s late September journey of ceremonies, parades and prayer gatherings in the U.S. will present challenges for live video transmissions to France, Italy, and Norway. Whereas some broadcasts have diverse focal points, this event strictly concentrates on the pope. A mass of followers will presumably trail the pope’s course to Washington D.C, New York and Philadelphia, uploading their own videos to the web from their smart devices, effectively turning the pope’s location into an epicenter of 3G/4G traffic congestion.

Under these conditions, only the most robust 3G/4G digital mobile news gathering systems will be able hold a reliable connection and transmit live video seamlessly controlled from headquarters. AVIWEST’s ENG solution enables broadcasters to capture and broadcast live HD or SD video over multiple networks, including bonded 3G/4G cellular wireless, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite. Using a sophisticated proprietary cellular bonding algorithm and antenna array design, the DMNG PRO180 can make stronger connections to nearby cellular towers as well as reach distant towers.

Getting live video out from tough locations and transmitting across the planet is precisely the challenge the DMNG PRO180 handles. VidOvation is proud to bring these solutions to the United States to offer the American broadcast market a higher standard of 3G/4G bonded cellular video uplinks.

VidOvation has always been at the forefront of video communications and broadcast technology with a proven record for remarkable video broadcast transmission solutions. Recognizing the need for a better class of cellular bonding 3G/4G video uplink systems, VidOvation turned to AVIWEST technology to help U.S. broadcasters deliver crystal-clear video over cellular wireless networks despite network conditions. Widely deployed by international, national, and local TV channels, news agencies, and video service operators, the DMNG system is the ideal solution for covering breaking news and live events.


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