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Optimize Your Collaborative Work Space, Conference Room, House of Worship, Control Room and more with Presentation Switchers

VidOvation offers the industry’s “First Modular Digital Presentation Switcher” with patents pending.  Presentation Switchers support modular input card assemblies providing unmatched flexibility and scalability.  The 500-Series 7-card enclosures accept field upgradable/hot swappable HDMI, DVI, VGA, Component, Composite, S-Video and Display Port input cards, and output scaled video through an HDMI and a buffered VGA connector simultaneously.

Audio is available through line level, 100v 100w and HDMI embedded outputs, with master volume and audio input trim controls.  The 500-Series is perfect for numerous application types, including corporate boardrooms, hotel meeting rooms, classrooms and lecture halls, and command center briefing rooms – anywhere multiple sources are routed to a single projector or display.

For collaborative work space situations, Presentation Switchers’ newly released PS510 4-card under-table enclosure with input cards is the perfect solution.  In a collaborative work space, team members meet and share ideas at a conference table.  With the PS510 discretely secured to the table’s lower surface, audio/video material from member laptops can be shared with everyone on a single nearby display, with switching done automatically.

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