AVIWEST DMNG Studio Cloud Server Video Over IP Receiver
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AVIWEST StreamHub Cloud Receiver



Virtualized StreamHub System Receiver and Distribution of Live Video


The AVIWEST StreamHub Cloud Server is a Linux-based feature-rich high-performance receiver and distribution platform that has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of Broadcasters deploying video contribution systems over IP networks. Fully integrated into the AVIWEST ecosystem, the application supports a large set of functionalities:

Video Receiver:

The StreamHub Cloud Server packs a rich set of input IP protocols and the platform can receive up to 16 concurrent incoming streams from remote AVIWEST transmitters (PRO, RACK or APP) or thirdthird-partyems, such as IP cameras.


Point to point and point to multipoint distribution:

The StreamHub Cloud Server offers multiples output streaming protocols (RTMP, RTSP, HLS, TS/IP) allowing video contents to be freely distributed over virtually any IP networks. Up to 16 IP outputs are supported to re-stream the video contents to CDNs, Media Servers, IRDs or other StreamHubs.


Video Recorder and Server:

The StreamHub Cloud Server combines the functions of a video recorder and a video server on each of its 16 inputs.


Intuitive web user interface:

The StreamHub Cloud Server application features an intuitive web user interface that enables to easily control and manage a fleet of remote transmitters, optimize and monitor the video transmissions thanks to a large panel of features, such as video thumbnails and statistics.


Flexible and upgradeable platform:

Thanks to software licenses, the StreamHub Cloud Server platform can be upgraded in the field to manage more inputs, outputs, protocols and functionalities enabling future-proof deployments and thereby reducing operator CAPEX.



OSLinux 64-bit Server
Input FormatsBase-band video (HD-SDI/HDMI)
IP Bonding (AVIWEST SafeStreams)
Output FormatsBase-band video (HD-SDI/HDMI)
RTMP push
ManagementWeb-based GUI
Integrated with Manager
Main FunctionsManage up to 16 incoming streams from:
– PRO series transmitters
– RACK series encoders
– APP smartphone app
– Third-party cameras (see input formats)
Manage up to 16 IP output streams to:
– other StreamHubs,
– IRDs
– CDNs
Main functions:
– Decode incoming streams
– Record and play back files
– Stream out incoming streams
– Transmission and Networks statistics
– Transmitters full remote control & command
– Video thumbnails
Stream ProcessingVideo Downscaling & Upscaling
Streaming output


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