Tactical Military Broadcast Fiber Optic Cable & Spool Assemblies
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TFC-2000 Tactical Military Broadcast SMPTE Lemo OpticalCon Fiber Optic Cable Spool Assemblies



Cable Management Systems for Military Broadcast Applications


Tactical Military Broadcast SMPTE Fiber Optic Cable and Spool Assemblies


  • Custom military grade, tactical fiber optic cable assemblies with up to 12 fibers.
  • Delphi-Packard Hughes Hermaphroditic, US Army TFOCA II or ITT Industries Cannon FOMC multi-channel tactical fiber optic connectors.
  • Flexible SMPTE 304M/311M Hybrid Fiber Cable Assembly
  • OpticalCon® Single-mode or Multi-mode Fiber Cable Assembly
  • Lemo 3K FUW to PUW Male to Female SMPTE Fiber Optic HDTV Cable Assembly
  • Extra-rugged Four and Twelve channel SMPTE 358M Hermaphroditic Assembly
  • Heavy-duty Snake with Precision ST, SC, or LC Format Connectors
  • Permanent Install Snake with ST, SC, or LC Format Connectors ST/SC/LC Simplex & Duplex
  • Standard lengths include 500, 1000 and 2000 feet. Custom lengths available.
  • Crush-resistant and resilient with a thick layer of Aramid Strength Members.
  • Polyurethane jacketed for abrasion, cut and chemical resistance.
  • Re-enforced Kevlar jacket strong enough to withstand the weight of a truck.

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