Rent & Demo AVIWEST Bonded Cellular for Live Video Contribution using Cutting-edge 3G/4G for Newsgathering, Sports & Live Events

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Rent an AVIWEST Bonded Cellular System for your next Live Event. Broadcast Live from anywhere in the world to your master control or the web. VidOvation has a large inventory of DMNG PRO 110 and  DMNG PRO 180 Bonded Cellular Transmitters for  Camera Mount or Backpack Mount supporting Anton Bauer Gold and IDX V-Lock battery plates. DMNG StreamHub Receivers are also available for rent.  Battery rentals are also available for Anton Bauer Gold and IDX V-Lock. We can provide a camera operator for your next shoot.  Click below to book your rental.

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Evaluate the AVIWEST IP & Bonded Cellular Live Video Contribution System for Newsgathering, Sports, Live Events and more. See for yourself why AVIWEST is the # 1 Bonded Cellular brand in Europe. Experience higher video quality, Dual Hardware Encoders, DVB-ASI Output,  Secondary Redundant Transmission path via Microwave, Satellite, WAN & WIFI.  Broadcast Live from anywhere in the world to your master control or the web.  See why many networks are making the change to AVIWEST.  Click below to book your 30-day FREE evaluation today.

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AVIWEST DMNG Bonded Cellular Video 

Europe’s #1 Bonded Cellular Brand with Dual Encoders, DVB/ASI Output, Redundant Transmission Paths, Working IFB and more…  Click to learn What Makes AVIWEST Different?

“Even with my 33 years of experience, I have never seen anything to compare with the DMNG PRO and the new flexibility we have in covering breaking news. Without having to deploy a truck, we can be much more spontaneous since we don’t have to look for high ground that’s free of trees or power lines, With just a couple of button pushes, we can be up and running to transmit a live shot from anywhere… The DMNG PRO has opened up a world of new possibilities for live shots not just for breaking news, but also for sports and local events.”  (Click for Press Release)

Mike Spissinger, Chief Photographer, WPSD