HD Quality Video Used in Medical Procedures and Healthcare Industry

Hospital IPTV Systems – Best Available!

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  • You can send patients information on their injury/illness, billing information, and two-way message them from the help desk.
  • You can stream live to anywhere, keep recorded video information accessible to whomever, and run digital signage or advertising as desired.


Additionally, its very simple for IT administrators to operate. Learn about it here!


Live HD Video over IP from the Operating Room:

Though few people outside the industry know it, video has become an instrumental tool in the medical industry.  Modern operating rooms are equipped with high resolution screens and arthroscopic cameras.  Medical students from around the globe are able to observe medical procedures in High Definition video at a university amphitheater or through a computer.  Cameras and video equipment allow doctors to get a visual read on internal issues without performing highly invasive surgery.

The widespread use of arthroscopic surgery utilizing internal cameras has turned the modern operating room into a multimedia production facility. Numerous video displays will be present throughout the operating suite with a nearby video control room. During a difficult procedure a surgeon can broadcast the procedure live to another doctor in another part of the world to help with diagnostics and treatment. Video over IP technology can be utilized permitting a remote doctor to view the operation on his desktop computer.

Compressed IP video is also ideal for archival purposes, for future educational playback or for legal purposes.


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