Telecom Brokerage Services

VidOvation Telecom Brokerage Services

Why You Need a Telecom Broker: 
Direct representatives of carriers can only sell products from their division of their carrier, usually do not have access to the lowest prices, and provide biased information. They will all tell you their carrier is the best for you.  VidOvation will shop multiple carriers for you and give recommendations based on experience not quotas. In addition, we are able to sell the products from different divisions of carriers including wholesale. Our extensive portfolio includes the full range of telecom products from analog lines to T1, DS3, OC, GigE, and VoIP connections.

Example customers who benefit using VidOvation Telecom Brokerage Services:

Small Carriers and ISPs vs. Fortune 1000 Enterprise Accounts – all in need of Dedicated Long Distance:
Carriers companies are able to buy wholesale Tier 1 long distance from us at sub penny rates. The average Fortune 1000 type company spends more money on long distance than a Small Carrier spends, but they typically pay 200% – 400% higher prices because they buy retail rate plans from Enterprise Account Reps. VidOvation can sell our Enterprise customers the same plans that Wholesale Carrier Clients receive with Sub Penny Long Distance.

Internet Bandwidth:
Internet Service providers buy large bandwidth connections from us like DS-3 (45 Meg) to GigE (1,000 Meg) connections. Our wholesale bandwidth prices go as low as only $20 per meg. For the retail cost of 9 Megs you can buy a 45 Meg connection from one of our wholesale providers. Full DS3 (45 Meg) connections start at only $2,000 per month. Your company can do RFPs, but by sending those RFPs to Direct Carrier Enterprise reps you will never get the prices that we can give you by just making a few phone calls.

Why pay retail prices when you are doing wholesale volumes? The answer is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO!

Our Solution:
When you are ready to review costs or design a network put VidOvation to work for you! Save Time and Money by giving your business a single point of contact for all of your services – even if multiple bids and/or carriers are needed. Receive unbiased information and get the best deals your company qualifies for. Let us manage your RFP and get better results with less effort. We can even show you how to combine carriers that are complementary, creating Best-Of-Breed solutions which provide both Least Cost and Redundancy.

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