Video Over IP Solutions


Ultra High Definition Video Distribution Over Ethernet

Why do Video over IP?

As demand increases for HD video content, it becomes increasingly important to find a way to keep costs from rising exponentially and keep workflows from becoming excessively complicated. Video over IP offers a way to combat both of those issues. IP-based transmission methods offer us the chance to be extremely flexible in our workflows. Not only are we simplifying the media production workflow with video over IP, but we are enabling new possibilities for our entire field of media production. The ability to route video this direction or that direction simultaneously paired seamlessly with audio, data, and possibly even power (PoE) is incredibly useful. The best part about doing video over IP is how commoditized IP has already become. Every building, every facility, already has Ethernet lines running through it, installs are simple, and manageability is even simpler. Ethernet makes things easy and allows for a variety of different signals to travel bidirectionally over the same cable. Additionally, because IP products are so prominent in the world, their costs are substantially economic compared to other forms of video distribution.


The Best in Video over IP:

When people come to us asking “which video encoding system is the best”, we fire a question right back, “what are you going to use it for?” We use encoders commonly with the intention of converting the feed from your camera into an IP stream and performing a variety of functions with it. There are so many different uses for encoding, it’s vital that you are clear about what you want to do before making a decision. Are you going live? Is this going straight to post-production? Several different facilities and re-purposing? Whatever the defining elements may be, you can rest assured that you’ve come to the right place. All of our video over IP encoding options are VidOvation tested, have intuitive manageability platforms and great support teams.


Flawless Performance & Very Low Latency:

wb-fecIf flawless performance and very low latency are important to you, you may want to consider a hardware encoder. A hardware encoder is dedicated solely to encoding and therefore can perform quicker and more reliably. They are built to run seamlessly 24/7 and involve minimal maintenance and management. The drawback of video over IP on a hardware encoder is the lack of flexibility. The device is a one trick pony and is usually not built to be upgraded over time. That being said, this particular unit is one of the most versatile hardware encoder/transcoder/decoder’s you can find anywhere. You can get spectacular performance and very low latency and the general lifespan on a device like this is 5 – 10 years. One of the most remarkable video over IP units available on the market today is the VNP-100. With three encode engines, the device can function as an encoder, decoder, or transcoder, with a variety of very unique features that come standard on the unit. The VNP-100 is also known for it’s intuitive manageability and great support team. Moreover, this product has it’s own propriety forward error correction methodology. Packet loss is the nature of the beast over the public internet, so engineers have gotten quite creative with the development of their products in that regard. Sending video over IP without a plan for error corrections and dropped packets is like sending your troops into modern day warfare armed with forks. This is why we suggest that before you run video over IP, you consider our error correction techniques white paper depicted on this page.



Low Cost & Flexibility:

On the other hand, if your concerns are more related to manageability, future-proofing, flexibility and cost you may want to consider a software encoder. A software encoder is essentially a general-purpose CPU. It can perform functions like a PC or a Server and is better suited to support more video formats. You have the added ability to play with the bit-rate & other aspects of the codecs. As far as software/cloud technologies go, Zixi is our favorite choice for transporting HD video over the public internet with a minimal sub-second delay. It fairs well over unmanaged internet connections and provides a reliable transmission. It is easily integrated into your current workflow and can be suited to meet your needs.