Video Processing, Conversion and Synchronization

The Avenue system includes modules for video up/down conversion, audio embedding, synchronization, conversion, routing, noise reduction, protection switches, test signal generators and more. Avenue signal processing modules are used worldwide in broadcast, mobile, satellite, cable, worship and post production facilities. Avenue is a tray-based signal integration system housed in a 1RU or 3RU frame. Any combination of 1.5 Gb/s HD, 3 Gb/s HD, SD, MPEG, analog video and audio processing modules can be used together in the same frame.

The Avenue system makes the transition to HD and 3 Gb/s easy for all types of broadcast television stations and video facilities.

New flexible matrix router with real time video thumbnails shows your video sources right on the front of the router panel. It’s a flexible matrix and that means you choose the number of router inputs and outputs. The Avenue 9430 Router is ideal for QC monitoring, master control bypass switching, ENG trucks, edit suites, and for your next project or upgrade. …More Info

Using Avenue PC Software and Touch Screens, you can control and monitor every module from any location in the world. Build Avenue into your system with SNMP and other control system integration choices.

Built-in networking lets you tie your Avenue system together, streamlining control and monitoring. All frames and modules in the system can be accessed from multiple locations in a facility, including remote locations via the internet. Comprehensive management and control is achieved by using any combination of Avenue Control Panels and/or Avenue PC software. Front edge or local controls are also available for each module.