VidOvation is a trusted partner when it comes to virtual security integration services. We are experts in helping businesses and organizations to develop and maintain customized video surveillance systems. Our surveillance equipment is also fit for vehicles such as ambulances, trains, police cars, and buses. They can be used on site for film production, news gathering, and broadcast. Our video surveillance systems are known for accuracy, solid memory, and their unique ability to withstand high impact environment. We offer video surveillance solutions with unique features such as wireless high definition video transmission, GPS enabling, multiple bandwidths for privacy, and auto-peer node detectors among others.


Surveillance on a Budget:


Are you looking for a video surveillance solution that offers high performance wireless streaming video?  VidOvation meets the high demands of our surveillance customers with solutions that fit in any budget. Our video surveillance solutions can provide frame by frame accuracy for evidence verification while incorporating a strong mechanical design for greater tolerance to shock and vibration. These solutions have withstood some of the most high-impact environments and can be paired with a solid state memory.



VidOvation offers products with features such as wireless high definition, both licensed and unlicensed options, multiple bandwidths for privacy, GPS-enabling, auto peer node detection, and connect ability on demand with remote locations.


Common Applications:

Our surveillance equipment can be used in vehicles such as police cars, ambulance, trains and buses, or onsite for news gathering, film production, broadcast, and at emergency command operations. VidOvation even has the capabilities to adapt our surveillance equipment to such non-traditional, unique offerings as use in sports games by referees.