Wireless Video HD Transmitters & Receivers

Wireless HD Video & Wireless Ethernet Transmitter and Receiver for Live Media Broadcast

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New: Wireless VidOlink Tally and Control
The newly released VidOlink Tally & Control system delivers spectacular performance. While you are moving your HD SDI or HDMI video signals over a VidOlink Reacher or VidOlink Ranger, add this unit for the extra features of tally and camera control functions like RB Gain, Iris, A Iris mode, M Ped, Gain, Shutter, Bars, CC Filter select, ND Filter select, AWB, ABB, etc.

The VidOlink Tally & Control has options for Sony, Panasonic, Ikegami, Thomson and Hitachi
cameras. Brackets are available to secure the unit. Additonally, data can also be sent down our RF
over fiber SMPTE units so with just one cable you can have RF, Data and power to your receive point.

Wireless VidOlink Reacher, 5GHz, Zero Latency Link, up to 3000 Ft. LOS
Send broadcast-grade HDMI & HDSDI uncompressed video over the 5 GHz band. The VidOlink Reacher is our newest broadcast-grade HDMI and HD-SDI wireless video transmission link. The VidOlink Reacher is capable of reaching up to 3000 feet with zero latency and no compression.

The transmitter is very compact and lightweight ensuring exceptional maneuverability. This makes the unit ideal for video assist and on-set monitoring, news and sports broadcasts, UAV, military, corporate and other applications in which typical wireless systems either fall short on distance or are too high on price.

Wireless VidOlink Ranger, COFDM Link, up to 1 Mile LOS
The VidOlink Ranger is available in 2GHz, 5.8GHz, and 7GHz bands with mounts for Anton Bauer, V-lock and, Hot-Shoe. The VidOlink Ranger is a highly portable broadcast grade MPEG 4 COFDM HD wireless camera transmission link capable of providing high-quality at distances up to 2-miles line of sight.

Demanding videographers choose the VidOlink Ranger when they require the highest quality video without breakup or pixilation. The VidOlink Ranger comes in a portable package and is designed to give the operator the ability to set up quickly and cover wide areas with long range wireless transmission.

60 GHz Unlicensed, Zero Latency, HD-SDI 1.5G Point to Point
For line of sight applications, look no further. The VidOlink 60G has the capacity to wirelessly move 1.5G of uncompressed HD-SDI video per second up to 750 meters with no latency and no interference.

Applications include news, sports officiating, ENG, building to building links, overflow venues, college campuses, corporate conferencing, and professional audiovisual to name a few.

VidOlink 5G Low-Cost Wireless HD-SDI Link
The VidOlink 5G wirelessly transmits HD SDI and HDMI signals up to 100 meters with H.264 compression. The system will reach up to 500 meters with optional high gain antennas. A 20mW 802.11 wireless link is used with dual antennas for 2x MIMO transmission.

This low cost, low latency link is ideal for broadcast, sports, news, live events, venues, and government applications where budgets may be tight.

Long Range COFDM
The VidOlink COFDM Family extends our wireless HD SDI capabilities up to 40 miles using COFDM technology. The VidOlink COFDM Family’s high RF output power and robust modulation methods provide an end to end latency of less than two frames (50-55ms).

Wireless Ethernet Links
The VidOwave family of wireless ethernet links can do point to point up to 2.5 Gbps, potentially reach up to 10 KMs, and run lightly or un-licensed depending on model selection. The Latency of the VidOwave is next to zero at 2 nS. The VidOwave is on it’s 3rd Generation and has a variety of wireless frequencies available for different line of sight applications.


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